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Indoor Water Wall – Segafredo Select DUS, Düsseldorf airport

A project about flowing water, sociability and interior design
A project about flowing water, sociability and interior design
Segafredo Select is the new format of MZB Group - Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, the holding consisting of a large network of companies of well-known international brands, including Segafredo Zanetti which is one of the three largest coffee franchising networks in the world, present worlwide. Segafredo Select was created with the aim of offering the best of Italian coffee culture to a global audience also attentive to design. In this way, each Select draws from the Segafredo brand what most characterizes it and makes it synonymous with Italian style, such as the best of the modern made in Italy design, a unique offer of food and drinks inspired by the culinary tradition of the beautiful country and the unmissable and relaxed atmosphere of the square, a detail more and more desired by customers.  Stefano Ricci, head designer of MZB Group, chose Forme d'Acqua for the realization of the MEP design and the construction of the scenic fountain for the new Segafredo Select DUS, at Düsseldorf Airport (Flughafen Düsseldorf International), Germany. The project involves a large water wall placed in the center of the back bar, the primary attraction of the location, on whose running surface the "Segafredo" sign is installed, which is highlighted by the reflections of the water, which slides behind it, illuminated by a 3000K White LED bar.  Each of our fountains is designed and custom made, so in this case there was the need to resort to systems that provide different declinations of the same type of water feature. For this wall, 3.20m wide and 2.25m high, great attention has been paid to the design of the MEP part, to offer a fountain with a modern design well integrated into the back bar, in order to facilitate the work of the bartenders, keeping the work area perfectly usable and therefore dry. For this reason the overflow and collection tank are enclosed within the casign, to show and enhance only the sliding surface, and it has been installed an inverter to control the water flow at the time of ignition and avoid wetting the surrounding area.  The entire fountain, from the case to the sliding surface, looks like a self-supporting structure made of AISI316 stainless steel painted with black powder, so the material and the color integrate perfectly with the rest of the furnishing accessories and the design, maintaining a continuous flow between them.  To keep the water clean, crystalline and completely odorless - being an indoor environment –it was chosen a filtration system with automatic dosing of anti-limestone and anti-algae products, located in the technical compartment at the base of the fountain.  Indoor fountains for the Ho.Re.Ca sector are increasingly in demand for their natural ability to create a qualitative and stimulating environment, resulting in an optimization of performance and psycho-physical well-being. Thanks to the flexibility and reconfigurability of a custom-made product (with aesthetics and dimensions perfectly adapted to the ambience) what is transmitted to the customer is the perception of a welcoming environment, surrounded by a comfortable and pleasant climate, given by the combination of the power of water and originality of the design. 

Technical sheet

Filtration and water handling system:

- an Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent 1 HP pump 

- Schneider inverter 

- double dosing pump controlled by a timed control unit for the injection of anti-limescale and anti-algae liquid products 



White 3000K 24 Volt IP 68 LED bar 


Maximum absorption:

625 Watt 




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