Indoor fountains
Sushi Zero Restaurant, San Martino Siccomario, Pavia

Una grande fontana a specchio si espande sotto i tavoli della sala e due pareti d’acqua ricevono gli ospiti all’entrata
Una grande fontana a specchio si espande sotto i tavoli della sala e due pareti d’acqua ricevono gli ospiti all’entrata
In the Lombard town of San Martino Siccomario, just outside the city of Pavia, Sushi Zero restaurant welcomes its guests in a completely new way, thanks to its original design. Being a chain, the mood and concept of the project are the same as those of the four premises inaugurated between 2018 and 2019 in Buguggiate (VA), Verbania (VB), Alessandria and Sesto Calende (VA), while the materials and elements main buildings have been reworked in accordance with the plan and the distribution system. For the realization of the project the property turned to LENDstudio Architettura Ingegneria of Lodi, in which the architects Nicola Bottoni and Elisabetta Puviani, the creators and curators of the design, work. Arch. Nicola Bottoni - artistic director of the project - describes the birth of the concept as follows:
"A huge empty space completely newly built, aseptic, devoid of any constraint and pre-existence to relate to, one of the many warehouses containing the most disparate functions and commercial realities. Facing this huge void was not easy, we tried to create a surprising but at the same time welcoming environment, in which the guest feels transported to a place and an atmosphere completely away from the "non-place" (quoting Marc Augè ) represented by the peripheral commercial context in him the place is located."
  The water is already present at the entrance, where two big mirror water walls welcome guests and head forwards the heart of the restaurant, where a bewitching mirrored fountain expands, reflecting the nests and stilts built on its surface. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains handled the MEP design of the water wall and oversaw the entire design and executive part of the mirrored fountain The mirroed fountain is contained in a large 140 square meters  floor-level pool, coated in Guatemala Green stone, accessible from a pier that leads to an islet, where a mini bar and another small station used as a conciergerie are housed, and seven islands covered with a custom made structure reminiscent of a nest, inside which there are seats and tables. Twenty stilted rooms have been created along the perimeter of the pool, suspended over the water, whose iron structural part is clad externally with wooden strips. The fulcrum of that fountain is the filtration system, given by a pump Astralpool Sena 3/4HP 0,55KW 220V 10400l/h and a sand filter Astralpool 500 9000l/h 11/2 connected to a six-way selector valve, which sucks the water through the six Astralpool suction vents, purifies it and re-emits it to the pool through six Astralpool delivery vents. An OASE 20-4 level sensor and a 1 "FF solenoid valve manage the automatic load on filtration input. The Micro Astral panel automatically adjusts acidification and chlorination, while the water level is kept constant by the control probe, by the automatic in-line replenishment system and by the overflow. The entire fountain, as well as the filtration system and the automatic loading with stop for dry motors, are managed by means of a LOVATO control panel located in the technical compartment. The water walls at the entrance are two high mirror waterfalls, where water glides lighly down the panels in crystal-colored technical glass that compose them. A pump Fluidra Victoria Plus Silent 3/4HP 0.61KW 220V 1100l/htakes water from the pool of the mirrored fountain and takes it filtered to the top of the wall, from which a collector and two adjacent rows of forty OASE Comet 3-6 silver nozzles each send it back to the glass. The LED bar lighting that is coplanar to the pool is chosen to make the light dialogue with the water: the warm white of the LED emphasizes the reflections and mirrored shapes, infusing a sense of lightness and mystery to the nests and stilts, while the walkways seem to undulate on the surface. Compared to the other places in the SushiZero chain, this is the most introverted: it closes in on itself, projecting the visitor into an environment totally different from their everyday life, in a dreamlike dimension that frees the mind and emotions. Ph: Anna Socci photographer & LENDstudio Video: Anna Socci photographer


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.