Indoor fountains
SushiZero Restaurant, Asti

Un’alta cascata d’acqua e una grande fontana a specchio trasformano un ristorante in un luogo incantato
Un’alta cascata d’acqua e una grande fontana a specchio trasformano un ristorante in un luogo incantato
The mood and concept of the SushiZero restaurant chain are so well known that the brand is recognizable from the very first glance and it overwhelms by its welcoming and incomparable atmosphere. The project is the work of the architect Nicola Bottoni of LENDstudio of Lodi, for which the same elements and materials of the units of San Martino Siccomario (PA) and Novara have been re-adapted to the planimetry and distribution system of the premises in Asti. Among the original iron panels and the very elegant tracery of the planters that recall Japanese designs and fabrics, the element that best characterizes the interiors of SushiZero is the water. It accompanies guests from the entrance, with the large waterfall that leads to the reception, leading them to the glass pier on the mirrored fountain, which overlooks the unmistakable houses and stilt houses. The peculiarity of this location is certainly the entrance staircase, where the guest is greeted by a high waterfall and lamps, which invite the guests to enter and make them perceive from the outside the design that they will experience inside. The cascade of water is located to the right of the entrance and transforms what might seem like a simple staircase into an experiential moment: it extends over a total height of 6.5m by 1.5m in width, from whose top the water it overflows from a basin and completely covers a panel in a crystal-colored technical glass. Arrived at the collection pool, the water is filtered, automatically balanced as needed in the pH and Redox values, and sent back to the top of the overflow tank entirely made to measure in AISI 316L stainless steel. A second glass, identical to the one through which the water flows, but enriched by the laser-cut SushiZero logo on black sheet metal, is placed parallel to enclose the waterfall. In a few steps, you reach the highlight of the restaurant: the large mirrored fountain overlooked by the unmistakable tables on stilts arranged overhanging the water. The area of the pool covers a surface of about 50m2 20cm deep, on which pile dwellings, stone walkways, and glass bridges alternate, which allow you to see the water flowing beneath them. Both fountains were designed and built to be sustainable and long-lasting. Sustainability is given by the use of pumps with low water and energy consumption (the lowest that the market offers) and by the constant reuse of water, which is filtered, automatically balanced in the acid and chlorine levels, and recirculated. Thanks to the automatic filling with a level sensor, the water is added only when needed, keeping the level in the tank constant. The automatic control and balancing of the acid and chlorine parameters are essential to keep the water clean and transparent. It is necessary to reduce the possibility of algae and bad smells forming), but above all free of limescale - to prevent it from covering with its characteristic whitish patina on the surfaces and obstruct the mechanical and hydraulic parts - compromising both functionality and aesthetics.
Photo credit: Andrea Pucci


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