Indoor fountains
Sushi Zero Restaurant, Novara

A large mirrored fountain to reflect the stilts suspended over the water
A large mirrored fountain to reflect the stilts suspended over the water
For the creation of the new Sushi Zero Restaurant in Novara, LENDstudio maintained the concept that distinguishes the restaurant chain already present in various Italian locations and for which Forme d'Acqua collaborated on the units present in San Martino di Siccomario (PV), and Asti (AT), through MEP design and the creation of two fountains, a reflection and a water wall.
The design and furnishings of Novara propose the now characterizing and unique mood of the Sushi Zero brand: the characteristic stilts, the nests, and the other settings and seats intersect in the network of bridges and islets suspended on the water of an enormous floor-level mirror fountain. The water element reflects and amplifies the sense of relaxation and well-being infused by the welcoming tones of the environment, by the natural materials used - such as iron and wood - and by the important presence of plants, projecting the guest into a small urban jungle, an oasis suspended in time where you can spend an evening in company.
The waterfall at the entrance forms the backdrop to the Conciergerie and welcomes guests with its light curtain of water, behind which the large floor basin opens up and transforms the restaurant room into a stage. The water wall rises to a height of 290cm by 180cm in width, from the top of which a light jet of water descends from 37 nozzles, which uniformly covers the entire surface of the crystal-coloured technical glass personalized with the logo of the restaurant. The water of the waterfall is the same as that of the mirror fountain, which is sent to the top of the wall via a collector.
The water accompanies guests from the entrance to the tables, where the large mirrored fountain flush with the floor opens up a characterizing element of the location, which covers an oval-shaped surface of 105.5m2, 20cm deep. Overlooking the fountain, we find the famous houses and stilts, while suspended over the water the 20 tables enclosed in full-height nest-shaped elements in iron and wood alternate in a geometric play.
The entire MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) parts were designed and built to guarantee sustainable management of water and electrical resources, through the creation of a water filtration and recirculation system, which is connected to an automatic panel with control for measuring and balancing pH and Redox. The panel is a complete integrated system for water treatment, produced by the specialized Italian company Emec, and allows you to reuse the same water, which is constantly cleaned and balanced in values, thanks to two dedicated probes that guarantee its crystallinity and healthiness.
Thanks to the automatic filling with a level sensor and solenoid valve, the water is replenished in the right quantities only when needed, keeping the level in the pool constant.
Photo credit: Andrea Pucci  


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