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Indoor Fountains – Amy Sushi Restaurant, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Water and glass: a fountain for dining
Water and glass: a fountain for dining
The AMY restaurant is a well-established reality in the “All you can eat” restaurant scene, born from young entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the sector, and highly developed in the Lombardy region, with around twenty units active. Arch. Nicola Bottoni of LENDstudio Architettura e Ingegneria takes care of the new image of Amy, both for future premises and for those already open. The design concept develops around the formality and architectural composition of the traditional Japanese house. Inside the restaurant, a golden lake, divided into three sections, becomes flooring and hosts the tables in the room on its surface, which are arranged on the two long sides of the pool and can be reached from the stone walkway, while water games refer to the aquatic vegetation of the lake. A central pool dominated by a walkway placed in front of the entrance divides the lake in two, where two artistic fountains embellish the spaces with the beauty of their glass elements inspired by the ears of Typha latifolia. Each artistic fountain is made by a group of nine rods in AISI 316 steel, from which a curl of water gently comes out and covers the surface of the Murano glass, made by hand and illuminated with LED White 3000K. The entire body of water is characterized by a resin finish in warm tones, specially created to a design by the artist Mino Longo, with whom Amy has already collaborated for the realization of the projects in Shenzen (China) and Altavilla Vicentina (Italy). As already seen in the design conceived for Amy Sushi Vicenza, the challenge of the Reggio Emilia location was to bring the same theme back to a disused commercial space, making the concept identifying the place and detached from the context. In general, the restaurant shows itself as a warm and refined environment, characterized by the colors of bronzed metals and light woods and by different types of tables and chairs, to give customers the perception of always having a different look when returning to the room, thus increasing it the strong experiential value and the desire to return to admire it from new points of view.  

Technical details:

Filtration and water handling system:

    • an Astralpool Sena 1 / 3CV pump connected to an Aster 350 filter
    • an Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent 3 / 4CV pump, connected to an Aster 600 filter, and an EMEC panel for automatic balancing of acid and oxygen values;
    • Overflow and bottom drain in AISI316 D75 steel.


    • LED White 3000K IP68

Photo credits: LENDstudio Architettura e Ingegneria

Water Fountains shapped with glassGlass
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel



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