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Indoor fountains – Amy Sushi restaurant, Altavilla Vicentina (VI)

A restaurant room that extends over a mirro fountain where two artistic fountains in Murano glass and steel stand out
A restaurant room that extends over a mirro fountain where two artistic fountains in Murano glass and steel stand out
In the long list of projects carried out in collaboration with LENDstudio engineering and architecture of Lodi, the latest one to be inaugurated is the Japanese restaurant Amy Sushi in Altavilla Vicentina. The architects Nicola Bottoni and Elisabetta Puviani of LENDstudio - previously commissioned by the property of Amy to identify the new image for all future premises and to give a restyling to older ones - also for this project from scratch they have created a refined and elegant design, that would give a touch of originality and memorability to the experience offered. A restaurant where the customer is projected into the pure essence of the place and the culture connected to it, where the materials and colors used create a warm and welcoming environment. The concept is developed on the architectural composition of the traditional Japanese house, so in the planimetric distribution of the restaurant three distinct areas are identified: the “board”, the “garden” and the “wall”. The "board" is the area that recalls the general idea of ​​the traditional wooden building of the Japanese house, where there are seats on wooden benches of different heights, surrounded by water basins covered in stone, recalling the onsen thermal. The "garden" connects to the imaginary of the internal garden and is where the restaurant room develops. The “wall” is the reference to the retaining wall of the traditional house, it serves to enclose the project and to delimit the architecture. Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains gave its contribution to the creation of the "garden", that is the central area where a large mirrored fountain on floor-level covers the entire area: the pool is 120 mm deep and houses 100 mm of water, above which branch off sixteen tables each housed on islands and connected to each other by a stone walkway. The tables are wrapped in tailor-made metal structures that look like nests and embrace the diners, generating a strong sense of welcome and privacy. The water in the tank is sucked by five suction outlets in AISI316 L35mm stainless steel, filtered, cleaned and put back into circulation by five delivery outlets in AISI316 V4A stainless steel, thanks to a filtration system consisting of a Fluidra Astralpool Victoria Plus pump. Silent 3 / 4HP II with Aster D500 grit filter. A combined Astralpool Micro Astral panel automatically manages the acidification and chlorination of the water by means of a control probe and automatic in-line replenishment. An OASE 20-4 level sensor and a 1 "FF solenoid valve regulate the automatic load on filtration input, while a bottom and overflow drain in AISI316 stainless steel complete the design aimed at avoiding the risk of overflow. Through a 220V control panel it is possible to control the automatic management of the fountain, the filtration and the automatic load with stop for dry motors. Between the tables that follow one after the other in a sinuous path, suddenly two artistic fountains emerge which with their long and tapered stems recall the lacustrine ears of mazzesorde. These two islands rest on two drop-shaped bases, with a 20mm perimeter slot for the water to fall, and from each stand nine very thin AISI316 stainless steel rods of three different heights (1300mm, 1450mm and 1600mm) enriched by tapered elements in Murano glass, handmade in the furnace in three different colors. Each island is equipped with an Aquarius Universal Premium Eco 3000 circulation pump, which takes the filtered water from the tank and sends it to the top of the pipes, from which it comes out creating a harmonious water curl which then falls lightly along the glass and steel to return to the tank below. The islands are illuminated by six Mini Sub white LED spots with 3,000K 16 ° optic light and an IP65 12V AC 100VA transformer. Careful MEP design has allowed the creation of two sustainable, durable and above all safe indoor fountains, which guarantee proper management of water resources and always clean water, which translates into beauty and quality of the design created. Amy Sushi is a well-known chain of Japanese restaurants, with 17 units in central Italy and others in China: the key to its success is to offer a complete experience from the menu to the location, which offers the visitor the opportunity to savor the moment fully and invites him to return to experience new emotions from time to time.



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