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Hangar Manzoni – Como Lake, Lecco

Ripples: a mirrored fountain on the lake
Ripples: a mirrored fountain on the lake
Hangar Manzoni is a new concept, a metamorphic place, a contemporary design studio and a creative forge suitable for hosting events and promoting art in its various forms. In Pescarenico on the bank of the Adda river, in the old district of Lecco in the Como Lake, surrounded by Manzoni’s landscape, Forme d'Acqua participated to the restoration and construction by taking care of the MEP design and creating the indoor mirrored fountain, a pool set in the ground covered with a dark grey resin which enhances the fluid element. The minimalist beauty of the mirrored fountain is enriched by the drop effect: the simple timed fall of a small part of water produces the undulation that recalls the calm surface of a rippling lake when the rain falls. The fountain, parallel to the back wall opposite the entrance, is in balance with the surrounding architecture and design made in dark shades. The fall of the water becomes the focal point of the space around which the many activities of Hangar Manzoni take place. The clarity of the water is made possible by the dosing pump that regulates the quantities of acid and chlorine present in the water, continuously sucked and put back into circulation after passing through the filtration system. The process is automatic, the control probes monitor the operation and allow remote control. The drop effect is produced by a dosing pump regulated by a timer that marks the fall.
“The lake changes color several times during the day, reflects the mountains and the greenery that surround it, inspires peace and stimulates the pleasure of slow thinking; it is somehow an invite to meditation. Symbol of awareness and calm, it represents the encounter between culture and experience, arousing deep feelings. Even in the distance, the lake call us. Hence the idea of transporting water inside Hangar Manzoni as a stimulus vehicle for these sensations and an element of strong continuity between inside and outside. The pool and the slow movement of a falling drop are a metaphor of the lake that spreads inside and, in my intent, they give the people who work here, and those who enter Hangar Manzoni, those sensations that inspire me every day."

Alessandra Del Bon, designer and creator of the Hangar Manzoni space

Photo credits: Hangar Manzoni



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