Gold Flowers, artistic fountain
Private Villa, Italy

Restyling an outdoor water fountain with Murano glass artistic elements
Restyling an outdoor water fountain with Murano glass artistic elements
The restoration of fountains in recent years has assumed a predominant character, not only for the urban areas but also in the private context, for the strong value they offer to the success of the entire project. The garden fountain is a piece of decoration that embodies a particular charm, a refined element that connects to ancient times when they played a social role (in the absence of the aqueducts they became a place of social gathering with people who gathered to draw water ), but above all symbolic, aimed at giving prestige to the family and the home. This project was born from the desire of a private individual to restore the fountain already present in his villa at the time of purchase: an admirer of artistic Murano glass, they wanted to bring this passion of his to the outside, but above all to obtain a fountain that would fully meet his aesthetic taste. Hence the architect Simona M. Favrin - FavrinDesign, connoisseur and expert in Murano glass, designed the restyling of the fountain with an essential and linear design, embellished with artistic glass elements, which increases the expressive capacity of the combination of glass and water. Together with the restyling of the design, all the plant, electrical, and hydraulic parts were designed and renovated under a sustainable profile, thus Gold Flowers was born. The fountain shows itself as an aquatic garden rich in natural elements reproduced in artistic Murano glass: six decorative butterflies alternate between eighteen ears of Tipha in crystal glass blown in the furnace with bubbles and gold leaf, while on the surface of the water nine water lily leaves are placed in fusion with double Murano plate glass on which three frogs rest. The water lily leaves are sustained by tailor-made supports in powder-coated AISI316 steel, designed to harmonize with the general structure and decorative elements, so as not to create dissonance. Instead, the spikes of Tipha are made with custom AISI316 steel rods, from the top of which a slight curl of water emerges that descends wrapping the glass and highlighting the gold details. The raised pool is in front of the facade of the house and is semicircular in shape, which embraces the building and at the same time opens onto the large garden. It has important dimensions, with a diameter of 7 meters and a height of 0.5 meters: with the restyling it was decided to cover the old cladding in pebbles and to replace it internally with stuccoed white travertine, to make it water resistant, and sandblasted, to give a porous finish, while externally there is only sandblasted white travertine. The white-brownish color of the travertine creates a union between the surrounding landscape and the artistic Murano glass elements, presenting itself as an elegant setting that highlights the natural beauty of the greenery and the water garden. The glass elements were created by Maestro Nicola Moretti and Maestro Giancarlo Signoretto, with the artistic supervision of the architect Simona Marta Favrin. The fountain is fully manageable through the Forme d’Acqua My Fountain app, which allows you to interact by choosing colors or plays of light, as well as monitor acid and chlorine levels and any maintenance.


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