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Fountain Restyling
Villaggio San Francesco, Caorle, Venice

Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains returns to Caorle (VE) to redesign the fountain at the entrance of the Holiday Centre Villaggio San Francesco, the five-star facility which extends its offer over thirty-three hectares of coast, between the green pinewood and the golden beach. Owned by the Biasuzzi Family since 1950, it has been establishing itself as the ideal destination for families with kids and open-air enthusiasts, but above all for sport addicts, thanks to the fitness center and its abundant amount of services for all ages. The project was about the fountain, which welcomes guests at the Holiday Centre’s entrance: the Property wanted to renovate it to give a contemporary aspect, which reflected the care and quality of the services offered. In the words of Architect Simona M. Favrin - Favrin Design, who designed the whole project:
“The fountain is the facility’s calling card, It welcomes customers and instils immediately and directly the reception model that will be reserved for them. For this, accordingly with the Property, we decided to completely renew it. Preserving the original shape, we worked on the choice of the coating materials and  changing the game of water. A wall of water, scenographic and elegant, has took place of the previous  water blade and the mosaic coating has been replaced by natural materials, as the sedimentary stone Meteora Beige and Azul Macaubas, a precious marble with amazing light blue hints, which inspire, in the color and the texture, to the sand and the water of the sea.”
The choice of these two natural materials principally depended on their great durability and resistance to water absorption, key features for a long-lasting coating. The Meteora Beige ribbed processing, with its furrows of different depths, generates a singular runoff effect in the overflow of water, which evokes the drawing of the seawater on the sand. Opposite to the Meteora Beige roughness, the streaked and variegated color of Azul Macaubas is enhanced by the water that slides undisturbed on its polished smooth surface, to recall the sea waves. Both materials have been provided and processed by Zanet s.r.l., the historical company from Musile di Piave (VE), which supplies marbles and selected products at the service of architecture since 1950. The technological system was designed to grant the environmental sustainability, a value strongly felt and shared by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains and the Holiday Centre Villaggio San Francesco. The fountain is powered by a Fluidra Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent pump of 2 CV, which aspires the water from the pool below and send it to the pool above, where the water overflows creating a cascade effect (the upper pool is made by stainless steel AISI 316 powder varnished of color beige, which gives a tonal continuity with the rest of the fountain). The filtration system is composed by a Fruidra Astralpool Sena pump of 0,3 kW, a filter Aster D.350 of 5mc/h and a control unit with combined panel Fruidra Astralpool Micro Astral for the pH and chlorination control. Also, an automatic device with magnetic probe have been installed, which automatically replenishes the water bringing it to the normal level, and a device of exhaust and overflow system, which avoids the accidental overfill of water. Also, the fountain illumination has been conceived to grant sustainable management of energy resources,  through the choice of low consumption and high performance elements, as eleven Spotlights OASE Profilux Led S W/01 White of 24 V - 10 W 4000K, which light up all the fountain enhancing and exalting the water movement and the materials’ nuance. To complete the architectural restyling, behind the water wall, a sort of concrete wing of a theatre has been added, which hosts the new sign, in relief and with a white LED backlight to enrich the visual effect. The upper part is dedicated to the written “Villaggio San Francesco”, draw with an elegant italics font, instead, the five stars have been installed on the protruding side on the right. The sign, made by stainless steel AISI 304 laser-wrought and Corten color varnished, has been customized and realized in collaboration with our partners Franzato Gianni s.r.l. and Arentech. With this restyling Forme D’acqua Venice Fountains, with its precious partners, has redesigned the fountain aesthetics, making it sustainable, and it has contributed with it to the redevelopment of the territory and its touristic offer.
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