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Fountain Restoration

Piazza Sant’Eusebio, Agrate Brianza
Piazza Sant’Eusebio, Agrate Brianza
Forme d'Acqua was in charge of the restoration and renovation of the fountain in Piazza Sant'Eusebio, in Agrate Brianza (MB). It is a monumental fountain in the Municipality of Brianza, dedicated to the Blessed Father Clemente Vismara, Italian presbyter and missionary, born in Agrate in 1897. The use of the fountain was seriously compromised due to limestone, the accumulation of this mineral, naturally present the water, if not contrasted with specific products can cause serious problems, up to not being able to use the fountain.  
Forme d'Acqua was contacted to deal with an extraordinary maintenance including the construction of a special anti-scale system. The recovery operation was very delicate due to the large amount of mineral present in the fountain system, which blocked the pipes and therefore prevented the correct flow of water.
  After a cleaning operation, carried out using a pressure washer, it was necessary to replace all the old pipes which have become basically useless. We then moved on with the creation of an automatic anti-scale product dosing system to permanently eliminate the problem. Finally, Forme d'Acqua took care of the replacement of the automatic loading system and of the creation of a new water feature consisting of 12 OASE Komet nozzles and some small waterfalls, all controlled by OASE Acquarius pumps.   A targeted intervention that has allowed the complete recovery of the fountain, without any structural activity, returning it to the citizens who will be able to enjoy it for many years.



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