Dynamic fountain restoration
Piazza Brescia, Jesolo, Venice

L’intervento di restyling ad uno dei simboli più amati di Jesolo
L’intervento di restyling ad uno dei simboli più amati di Jesolo
58 years have passed since the fountain in Piazza Brescia was inaugurated for the first time (1963), following a redesign of the pre-existing historic garden aimed at housing the large 12m diameter pool, whose interior was covered with polychrome glass mosaic depicting marine species, such as mollusks and fish, while an imposing vertical jet of water emerged from the large central nozzle. Over the years this fountain has established a strong emotional bond with residents and guests, who spent pleasant moments observing it or talking on the comfortable background of its jets. For some time, however, it had been in a state of inactivity, therefore the Municipality of Jesolo has launched a call dedicated to the technical design and energy efficiency of the fountain. The call was won by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, while the Municipality relied on the skill of Jesolo Patrimonio s.r.l. The first step was the peer review of the MEP design (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and the improvement of the works, in agreement with the works management of the Municipality of Jesolo, thus making aesthetic and technical improvements to make the fountain more dynamic and more performing. The first of these improvements is the new subdivision of the perimeter ring of 96 OASE Comet 5-8 nozzles into eight segments with as many Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent 2CV 380V pumps, instead of the initial four, so as to offer more dynamic and articulated scenarios and games. The second modification is the insertion of the large central Geyser OASE 60T nozzle, powered by a Fluidra Victoria Plus Silent 3CV 2.2Kw 380V pump, whose dynamic jet reaches 6 m, reflecting the original appearance of the fountain, where this appeared spectacular play of water that made it even more majestic and attractive. The final touch is to replace the RGB LED headlights with Teclumen mini sub RGB+W LEDs, which have integrated white, for greater differentiation of the color palette, which can be modified and managed remotely with the My Fountain app by Forme d’Acqua. Thanks to an innovative DMX system and, above all, to the creativity of the architect Simona M. Favrin (FavrinDesign) combined with the technical-technological knowledge of Arnaldo Enzo of Arentech, original shows have been created that dress the fountain with countless ever-changing colors and reflections that catalyze and amplify the dynamism of its jets. The shows reflect the red of the institutional brand and the colors of the tourism promotion brand of the city of Jesolo, together with those of the territory: the sunny golden beach, the cool pine forest, the water of the sea, rivers and lagoon. In the words of the architect Favrin:
"Water - the fluid element par excellence - has the (almost) infinite ability to create shapes. The use of technology allows to amplify its compositional potential and to make its expressive capacity even more powerful and direct thanks to the coordinated use of color."
The water is constantly reused thanks to a filtration system given by an Astralpool Victoria Plus 1CV 380V pump and an Astralpool Aster 600 sand filter, which filters the water and puts it back into circulation clean and crystalline, thanks also to a control unit EMEC with double dosing pump that automatically adjusts the acid and chlorine levels. The water level is kept constant thanks to an OASE 20-4 level sensor with automatic loading with stop for dry motors and an OASE Concrete part 100T overflow. Thanks to the My Fountain app it is possible to manage the fountain from a smartphone, tablet or PC in all its functions, such as light control, choice of water and light scenarios, monitoring of acid and chlorine values and management of the anemometer. The entire conservation and redevelopment project has a value of about € 130,000 and was financed by an anonymous benefactor, who donated € 425,000 to the Municipality of Jesolo invested in the renovation and redevelopment of some areas of the city, so as to make the return of this historic fountain even more appreciated and desired.


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