Fountain of the 100 Borgates, water wall
Giaveno, Turin

I giochi d’acqua della nuova fontana tornano a far splendere l’area antistante il Museo Alessandri
I giochi d’acqua della nuova fontana tornano a far splendere l’area antistante il Museo Alessandri
The Fontana of the 100 Borgates is located in the lower part of the historic center of Giaveno (Turin), in the heart of Val Sangone. At the foot of the staircase, between via XX Settembre and via IV Marzo, a space has been created dedicated to socializing and the redevelopment of the urban context. The point of attraction is a large fountain on several levels, which embraces a series of seats and transforms the area in front of the former Anne Frank school into a place to rest and play. An unprecedented socializing space that satisfies the needs of inhabitants and visitors, with total respect for the environment, a characterizing element of all the sustainable fountains of Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains. For the Fountain of the 100 Borgates Forme d'Acqua oversaw the design and construction of the MEP parts, offering a sustainable product with very low water and energy consumption. An original double-sided fountain extends over a total length of 11m, where three walls alternate in staggered heights of 96cm, 156cm, and 180cm, which respectively bear 8, 4, and 7 stainless steel spouts. A harmonious jet of water comes out of the spouts, which falls into the underlying 20cm deep collection polls, which create a game of communicating vases and waterfalls. On the right side, a slight blade of water overflows from a horizontal crack in the wall and flows along the surface to fall back into the collection pool below. On the back, another 120cm wall with 4 spouts stands to the side of the three seats, accompanying the refreshment moments of citizens and visitors. 11 White 3000K IP68 LED Spots light up the fountain, emphasizing the descent of the water jets and enhancing their reflections on the stone-effect stoneware cladding, which fits harmoniously into the surrounding building. The water used is always the same: a self-priming pump connected to a glass grit filter filters the water and puts it back into circulation clean, to ensure sustainable use of water resources. Furthermore, thanks to the pH and Redox control and automatic dosage panel, the water introduced is always crystal-clear and healthy, so as to avoid the formation of algae or the deposit of limestone, which could block and damage the pumps and nozzles. The fountain was created at the behest of the Administration of the Municipality of Giaveno, which entrusted the task to engineer Carlo Ostorero of Studio Dedalo Architettura in Turin to create a new coordinated image of the historic center. The entire intervention takes the name of "Urban Renaissance", which has led to the redevelopment of the city areas most penalized in terms of functionality and usability, returning them to the community in the form of new and livable spaces for all. We had already collaborated on this project with the redevelopment of Piazza Sant'Antero, creating from scratch a tailor-made and sustainable dynamic fountain, which returned part of the historic center to the citizens.
An important part of the "Urban Renaissance" redevelopment project, the Fountain of the 100 Borgates is the aesthetic piece that transforms the area in front of the new Alessandri Museum, created to house part of the works of the Giavenese master Lorenzo Alessandri (1927 - 2000) now inserted in the most important international art circuits. The fountain with its stereotomy of water on three levels recreates the perceptive perspectives by continuously changing them by day and by night.” Engineer Carlo Ostorero
Photo credits: Roberto Cortese


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