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Focus per Aquam – Porlezza, Lugano Lake

The new musical dancing fountain that fills the shores of Lake Lugano with music
The new musical dancing fountain that fills the shores of Lake Lugano with music
The new musical dancing fountain in the municipality of Porlezza, located at the beginning of via Garibaldi, is a work created as part of the "Historic Villages" redevelopment project, aimed at increasing the entertainment offer of the town, a small tourist destination nestled between Lake Lugano and the Pre-Alps.   Focus for Aquam is a new creation, designed and implemented by Forme d’Acqua: a removable musical dancing fountain that colors and fills the evenings on the Lugano shore with music. The choreography was designed by the Forme d’Acqua innovation team together with the architect Simona M. Favrin - FavrinDesign who took care of the color design. An innovative project, with a high emotional impact, able to involve visitors to the picturesque town, to the amazement of the kids and the fun of the adults. It is a large circular pool with 26 Komet nozzles, each with their respective pumps, functional to dynamic shows; each nozzle corresponds to a LED light and the sum of these elements is the basis of the exciting water games that dance to the rhythm of music. The chromatic variety is made possible by the RGB + White LED lights inserted inside the pool and the AISI 316 stainless steel structure, in a elegant corten shade, is covered by a black AlfaFol waterproof sheet. The removable pool of 6 meters in diameter and 55 centimeters in height rests on adjustable supports, which contrast the natural slope of the square; outside the pool there are 4 boxes that house the speakers. The above-ground technical compartment, made to measure around the structure of the fountain, contains the automatic load, the low voltage circulation pump, the sand filter and the panel for the dosage of acid and chlorine. The water recirculation and filtration system allow a sustainable use of the water resource which is reused and increased only in the evaporated part. The water games are open every day from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 22.00. Every evening, at 9.00 pm, the musical light show is staged, an exciting and colorful show to the rhythm of music. The program of the musical fountain includes hits from today and yesterday, such as "Zitti e buoni", the success of Maneskin at Eurovision, and the cover "You Spin Me Round" of The Hangover. The remote management of the fountain is made possible by My Fountain app, the application designed by Forme d'Acqua that allows various functions and detects data and parameters on water filtration and purification, to ensure greater efficiency and to intervene promptly with more effective and sustainable maintenance. An anemometer, positioned near the fountain and connected to the app, controls and levels the water features based on the wind speed.
The dancing fountain of Porlezza was a challenge that we accepted with enthusiasm - says Gianluca Orazio, CEO Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains -. To steal the show from the breathtaking view of the lake, we put all our technological skills into play and created a colorful musical show. We invite you to attend the evening show which, thanks to the darkness, the rhythm of the music and the colors, will overwhelm you. Amazing!

Technical sheet:

Water games

26 Oase Komet 10-12 nozzles

6 Oase Varionaut 240 / DMX / 02 24V pumps

20 Oase Varionaut 150 / DMX / 02 24V pumps


26 MiniSub Teclumen RGBW LED spots 16 ° 12V / AC 17W IP68 in AISI316 steel


1 Circular water tank diameter 600 mm: a structure segmented into eight parts, with double AISI316 stainless steel sheet, circular cover with internal band to cover the insulation, powder coated

1 Oase AlfaFol sheet

Filtration plant

1 Oase Aquarius Eco Expert 20000 / 12V pump

1 Astral Aster sand filter 350

1 Emec panel with double dosing pump and pH/Rx control probe

Automatic loading

1 Oase level sensor

1 Oase solenoid valve

Sound system

4 RCF passive speakers

1 amplifier with dsp

1 RCF passive subwoofer

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