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Floor fountains – Santa Maria square, Cameri (NO)

Technology and design: the transformation of the historic mosaic basins into two dynamic floor fountains
Technology and design: the transformation of the historic mosaic basins into two dynamic floor fountains
In the new Santa Maria square in Cameri (Novara, Italy) the water games have returned, which have already characterized this area of the city center in the past. A characteristic feature of this square is the column, erected in 1740, which supports the statue of the Virgin Mary, around which, in 1926, a rounded and harmonious base fountain was built with jets of water in the center and, as a contour , some trees and benches; for years it was a pleasant backdrop to the social life that revolved around the city center of Cameri. Starting from the 1970s, the concept of the square faded and, instead of the fountain, two trapezoidal fountains were created, with the function of traffic divider, which remained unchanged until the implementation of this new project. With this redevelopment and safety intervention of via Matteotti and Santa Maria square, the Municipal Administration wanted to bring water back to the heart of the square, offering it as a game for children and adults, with two floor fountains as a corollary of the statue of the Virgin Mary. The water features extend over two square-shaped areas, in which 9 + 9 nozzles are arranged geometrically that come out of the stone cladding and the water is illuminated by as many RGB+W 3,000K LED spots. For the construction of these fountains, two concrete basins were prepared flush with the floor, where the custom-built AISI 316 steel structures containing the nozzles, the spots LED and the main electrical and hydraulic elements were installed. The water and lights choreographies are carried out thanks to two OASE Varionaut pumps (one for each fountain) and an OASE WECS II DMX Controller, which allows programming the height and intensity of the water jets and the colors of the LED spots. . With the My Fountain app, the end user manages the fountains directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC effectively, thanks to an intuitive interface; moreover, the remote control allows our technicians to monitor all the functions of the fountains, intervening as needed on the parameters with predictive maintenance, thus guaranteeing full and constant functionality. An above-ground technical compartment made to measure in powder coated AISI 316 stainless steel, with upper opening and double front door and one side door (both ventilated), contains and protects inside the "beating heart" of the fountain: the filtration and the automatic control and balancing system of acid and chlorine levels, with the chemical product containers. The entire project aims to redevelop and secure the historic center of Cameri with its squares and main streets, through numerous important interventions aimed at urban decor and its enhancement that are linked to the revitalization and livability of the city. The design for the redevelopment and safety of via Matteotti and the construction management was handled by the architect Paola Piccoli. During the presentation of the project for Santa Maria square, the Mayor of Cameri Giuliano Pacileo said: «Also in this case we want to think of a space to live that is more socializing». Now that the intervention is complete, we can say that it has enhanced the entire area with two modern fountains surrounded by stone seats, a small garden of potted plants and a reborn pedestrian area, transforming Santa Maria square into a new urban center of socialization, chosen by citizens and travelers to spend moments of pure relaxation and leisure in contact with the water and the architectural beauties of the city.

Technical details

Water game:

- 18 OASE 5-8 Silver nozzles;

- 2 OASE Varionaut 240/DMX/02 pumps;

- DMX OASE II WECS 512/DMX/02 Controller.

Filtration system:

- Astralpool Sena 1/3HP 0,25Kw pump with sand filter Aster Sand Filter 350;

- EMEC Double dosing pump for automatic acidification and chlorination of water with control and make-up probe;

- OASE WSS 04 level sensor;

- OASE Overflow/Drain armature 70/1000 T;

- Control panel for the complete management of the fountain and all its functions complete with Server X1 for remote control with the My Fountain App.


- 18 spotlights LED Teclumen Minisub IP68 12V RGBW

Electric consumption:

- 0,480 Kw water games

- 0,306 Kw lighting

- 0,250 Kw filtration

= 1,036 Kw overall absorption

Photos: Anna Socci photographer



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