Dynamic fountains
Annex Beach Restaurant, Cannes

La nuova veste del ristorante Annex Beach: un sontuoso restyling, ad opera dell’archistar francese Jacques Garcia, arricchito da cinque fontane d’interni realizzate da Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains
La nuova veste del ristorante Annex Beach: un sontuoso restyling, ad opera dell’archistar francese Jacques Garcia, arricchito da cinque fontane d’interni realizzate da Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains
In the splendid city of Cannes, the pearl of the French Riviera, has been recently completed the renovation work of Annex Beach, the well-know restaurant set in the Promenade de la Croisette, the two kilometres long avenue between the white sand beach, luxury shops and exclusive facilities, as the Festival and Congress Palace, headquarter of the world-famous Film Festival. The Annex Beach restyling has been ideated by the famous artist Jacques Garcia, which for the first time has conduct an artistic project for a beach. Renowned architect and interior designer, Jacques Garcia has become an exclusive reference point on global level in matter of elegance and refinement. The Costes Hotel in Paris, the Métropole in Monte Carlo, the Victor Hotel in Miami, the Mamounia in Marrakech or the Ritz in Paris: the most important palaces has join their magnificent in his enveloping creativity. Garcia has ideated the Annex Beach interior furnishing taking inspiration to the Grottoes of Borromeo Palace of Isola Bella: when a visitor enters in this restaurant, he dives in a fantastic underwater world, where the games of colour made by the white and black waves of shot blasting coating, are amplified by the reflections of the mirrored ceiling and the sound of the water of the five fountains. Jacques Garcia tells us:
"We are born from the earth, we are born from the sky, we are born from the fire, we are born from the water: what generates the union of these elements is extraordinary. Here I put the earth, through the cave, and the water: but what makes everything special is the dialogue between the beach with the sky and the sea."  
The whole project was curated and realized by LuxuryLamera, a company specialized in luxury interior decorations, performing prestigious high-end works around the world, both for private and for the Hotellerie sector. The water games play an important role in this project. For their creation, LuxuryLamera, the company which has made the project, has called upon Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, which took care of their design and their technical and technological execution. In the words of Sergio Fracchia, Annex Beach President:
“When I saw the project by Jacques Garcia for the first time, the first thought was “WOW!”, the second “How do we achieve it?”, the third “Yes, It’s crazy, but we must do it! Because all the things with a touch of insanity reach different results!”. On certain areas, as crafts, Italy is a leader and that’s why we relied on the Italian companies”.
  The main attraction is the fountain set on the base of the reproduction on hand-painted glass of the emblem presents in the Pompei’s House of the Faun (Naples, Archaeological Museum – second century b.C.), a mosaic depicting the fight scene of an octopus clinging to a lobster, surrounded by an imposing frame with an exceptional scenic effect. The other four fountains are harmoniously arranged on the long side of the restaurant, on the base of four big mercury mirrors, made in Murano island, which strengthen and amplify the suggestion made by this “aquatic” design. To realize the dynamic fountains, has been made five AISI316 stainless steel pools, black powder coated, by our business partner Franzato Gianni: the main one coated by black shot blasting, the other four by hand-made mercury mirrors with antiqued effect. The four fountains illumination is made by a white LED bar 3000°K 24V 14,4W IP68; meanwhile, the main fountain is illuminated by a Pixel LED bar 60 RGB-W, integrated and perfectly coplanar to the structure, boosted by a LED bar Nettuno 40° with clumping lens 2700k in 24V to ensure a wider, scenic and attractive luminosity. At the fountains’ base six dynamic nozzles Oase Komet 10 - 12, each connected to a pump Oase Varionaut 90 /DMX / 02 in 24 V, which permits an indipendent control of every element; meanwhile, in the other four fountains, a pump Oase Varionaut 150 /DMX / 02 in 24 V supplies six nozzles Oase Komet 5 – 8, for an homogeneous management of the jets. All the five fountains are dynamic: the water and light games are created thanks to the controller Oase Wecs 1024 /DMX / 02, which allows to handle the water jets, customizing the intensity and the colours, and to manage the schedule of the scenographies throughout the day. To guarantee a perfect functionality and durability, in each pool have been installed two peristaltic pumps with automatic control and injection of anti-algae and anti-scale products and a minimum and maximum water level sensor with automatic replenishment. With this ambitious project in the coolest venue in Cannes Bay, Annex Beach, where the luxury embraces the sustainability and the creativity of the tailor-made fountains of Forme d’Acqua, a step forward has been made towards an ecological path, for a sustainable luxury with full respect for the environment.
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel


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