Dynamic Fountain
Via Cà Marcello, Mestre, Venice

Una fontana dinamica per la nuova area urbana di Via Cà Marcello a Mestre
Una fontana dinamica per la nuova area urbana di Via Cà Marcello a Mestre
The multi-purpose center in the area of ​​Via Ca’ Marcello in Mestre is located in a strategic position of the city, a few steps away from the train station and close to the city center. It is part of a gentrification project of the entire area by the Austrian investment group MTK which commissioned to the architect Luciano Parenti the design of a new urban portion with an hostel, three hotels, the commercial areas, a square, a playground, meeting places, green areas, a cycle lane and two parking lots. A new urban area, devoted to ospitality with about 2000 beds and a project able to make Mestre become a "city of the future" in the words of Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro. At the center of the square, a new meeting place, the fountain implemented by Forme d’Acqua on behalf of the Setten Genesio construction company. It is a triangular-shaped dancing fountain with six nozzles, with RGB LED spotlights. The fountain is operated by two Oase Varionaut 150 pumps, each capable of handling up to 150 liters of water per minute and each controlling a group of three Oase Komet 5-8 nozzles. Each nozzle is equipped with an autonomous Oase Profilux Led 110 spotlight and independently programmable. The technological heart of this fountain is the electronic control unit WECS (Water Entertainment Control System), which manages the lights, colors and movements of the water. To carry out the shows that animate the fountain, Forme d’Acqua technicians have used a special programming software, WEPS (Water Entertainment Programming Software), Both products are by Oase a leading company in the field of components for fountains and water games. The fountain is equipped with a filtration system made of a sand mechanical filter that holds all the impurities that can settle (leaves, branches, dust) and a chemical filtration system that prevents the formation of limestone and algae, keeping the water clean, transparent and without unpleasant odors. The fountain has many elements that make it sustainable and "green": the plant always works with the same water and it is equipped with an automatic loading system that replaces the evaporated quantity. An anemometer minimizes the water spills; it is an instrument that automatically adjusts the height of the water jets according to the intensity of the wind. The fountain is also connected to a rainwater collection tank, which reduces water requirements to a minimum. Architect Parenti’s project put the right emphasis on green spaces, with a surface divided into 8 zones, spread over an area of ​​almost 14,000 square meters. For the care of this green area an irrigation system was created by e-gardening, using 5,000 meters of dripline.


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