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Dynamic fountain – Sant’Antero Square, Giaveno (Turin)

A new dynamic fountain for the restyling and redevelopment of Sant’Antero square in Giaveno
A new dynamic fountain for the restyling and redevelopment of Sant’Antero square in Giaveno
In the piedmont town of Giaveno (Turin) in February 2020 the "Urban Renaissance" project was started, to give a new coordinated image to the historic center, redevelop the areas most penalized in terms of form, usability and functionality and return them to the population, through new spaces that can be lived in and enjoyed by all and for everyone. Sant’Antero Square is one of the area of intervention: subject of a radical transformation, it sees the realization of a total restyling of spaces and the creation of a charming fountain. The project is signed by engineer Carlo Osterero of Studio Dedalo Architettura in Turin, commissioned by the Administration of the Municipality of Giaveno, and realized on the structural part by Costruzioni Generali Valdostane srl. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains has designed the MEP projectation and the construction of the fountain: it’s a trapezoidal water mirror on an elevated pool, which beautifully reflects the urban green and the the architectures overlooking the square, and is enriched on one side by the jets of four nozzles, which break the static nature of the building. The shape follows the lines of the existing flooring, redefining the space, while the seats are an amphitheater that crown the 40 square meter stretch of water. The engineer Carlo Ostorero tells us:
“The project of the fountain of Sant’Antero square wanted to reflect at the same time and, literally, make reflect the architecture and the observer's thoughts on the importance of the water element for architecture. In a slogan, it could be said that water is to architecture like the leaf to a tree: it is simply indispensable. the history of the cities is a story of houses and men, who stood near a river, a lake or the sea and, in any case, always in direct contact with the water element. The evolution of architecture has brought water with fountains, from a life resource to a function of beauty and pride for the cities that hosted them. Working with Forme d’Acqua, Studio Dedalo Architettura met an ideal partner to discuss and enhance each other's experiences and give back to this portion of the historic center of Giaveno the passage of the clouds, the reflection of the houses and the joy that only the sound of a gush of water can generate in those around them.”
The pool is 40 cm deep and the black porcelain stoneware coating gives the water mirror greater reflective capacity. The water games are given by four OASE Comet 5 - 10 Silver nozzles, fed by the filtration system return to the tank. The water recirculation and filtration system consists of five AstralPool in AISI 316 steel (two for suction and three for inlet), connected to an AstralPool pump Victoria Plus pump 3 / 4CV 0,61KW 220V 11000l / h with filter in quartzite AstralPool Aster Sand Filter 500 9000l / h. The acid and chlorine values ​​are automatically detected and adjusted by an AstralPool control unit with double dosing pump, control probe and automatic in-line top-up. A second control panel allows automatic management of the fountain, filtration and automatic loading with stop for dry motors. To complete the technical part, a fountain drain in AISI 316 steel OASE Concrete part 70 T, an OASE 20-4 level sensor in 24V and an overflow system in bronze OASE Overflow / Drain armature 70/1000 T, to avoid an accidental overflow of water and conserve water resources. The diffused lighting, given by the Warm White LED bars in 24V 4000 ° K IP68, allows you to appreciate the architectural shapes even during the night, while the water jets are enhanced by the point light of four OASE Profilux S White LED spots in 24V 10W 4000 ° K IP68, installed at the base of each nozzle. Sustainability is one of the objectives of this fountain, pursued through the use of low environmental impact materials in the coatings and a technical design aimed at a controlled and waste-free management of water resources, which are filtered and put back into circulation, always using the same water. The fountain, intended as a "blue space", favors the well-being of people, thanks to the flow of water that puts man in direct contact with nature, and also acquires the function of bioclimatic refreshment and evaporative cooling during the season summer. The new aggregation center for all ages that is being created gives new life to the historic center and commercial activities, bringing the community back to the place where the civitas historically reached one of its highest expressions: the Square.



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