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Dynamic fountain – Hotel Arnica, Scuol (Switzerland)

An impressive and soundproofed fountain, whose silence reinvents the surrounding space
An impressive and soundproofed fountain, whose silence reinvents the surrounding space
Located on the edge of the forest, where the "Dschember" pine forest dominates the wild Inn valley, Hotel Arnica in Scuol *** S (Canton of Grisons, Switzerland) enjoys a unique location surrounded by the majestic Engadine mountains. Opened in 2001 by the spouses Tinetta and Hanspeter Zogg, the Hotel Arnica was expanded starting in 2012 with the construction of two modern and elegant buildings: the "Haus Dschember", the imposing ellipse in stone pine, and the new house "La Funtana”, whose design is inspired by the water element. The Funtana, built on a project by Studio Architectura Feuerstein, was completed at the end of 2020 and is inspired by the tradition of mineral water and Scuol baths, both indoors and outdoors water becomes the attraction. In the new hotel lobby, the indoor fountain created by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains welcomes guests with its soft jets and its bewitching plays of light and water. The management was looking for a fountain that would offer unique and dynamic hospitality, without however renouncing the absolute silence characteristic of the structure's environment, which becomes synonymous with relaxation and well-being, essential elements of the Hotel Arnica offer. The fountain is the design complement that most stands out in the hall, thanks to the great impact given by its simple and essential shapes. It is built on a rectangular AISI 316 steel pool, which can be inspected to facilitate maintenance procedures, and is powder coated in sable black - an effect that recalls the sensation of a caress on the sand to the touch. The interior is covered with a perforated sheet to absorb splashes and noise that isolates the surface from the bottom, where the technical part is installed, and also gives it the steel gray color. The water features are generated by eight Comet 3-6S H2000mm nozzles, each connected to an OASE Varionaut 90 / DMX / 02 24V DC 60W IP68 pump (housed under the perforated sheet) and to a Teclumen Mini Sub DMX IP68 12V led spot. 17W RGB + W. Thanks to the OASE WECS 512/02 controller it is possible to create original water and light shows; for this fountain, three dynamic sequences of six minutes each were created, programmed and customized according to the tastes and needs of the hotel management. The tub is entirely wrapped on the sides by six high panels of handcrafted crystal-colored glass, which serve the purpose of avoiding the propagation of electro-acoustic waves and, therefore, of ensuring perfect silence. Moreover, this structure becomes a casket that enriches the entire design of the fountain, giving it dynamism in height and at the same time greater compactness in the lines. The fountain is adjacent to the entrance door, with which it shares a wall (the back one on the long side) integrating and tying the two elements into a single one at the service of reception. The recirculation and filtration system guarantees sustainable management of water resources, but above all clean and clear water: it consists of two 4L / h peristaltic dosing pumps, one for dosing the anti-limescale product and the other for anti-algae. A 220V control panel allows automatic management of the fountain, which also houses the OASE WECS 512/02 controller necessary for the creation, programming and control of dynamic shows, even remotely. This fountain is unique of its kind for various reasons, the main one is that this type is usually required in outdoor spaces, to enrich squares or open spaces, while here we are inside an accommodation facility. The second aspect that makes it interesting is the crystal glass envelope, which does not detract from the visit of the guests, but is soundproof and, at the same time, reinvents the space and completes the design of the fountain. The third reason is more technical and organizational: the entire fountain had been pre-fitted, so as to facilitate and reduce installation times, but also to arrive at delivery in complete tranquillity with a finished and tested product.   Photo by Hotel Arnica



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