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Dynamic dry deck fountain – Porta Paita, La Spezia port

The simple purity of four water jects overlooking the sea
The simple purity of four water jects overlooking the sea
The ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara are part of a large continental network of stopovers, which represent very important economic and social growth drivers for the European Union. In particular, the La Spezia port is the second container port in Italy for direct access to the North Italy production and consumption markets. In 2021, the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea commissioned the architecture and engineering studio Fabrica Società Cooperativa to carry out the feasibility and the final design of the temporary set-up intervention for the public space of Porta Paita - Calata Paita, where a dynamic custom-made floor fountain with 4 nozzles stands out. The fountain extends along the quay front, in a rectangular area, along the border between the square and the solarium. The purpose of the fountain is to lower the perceived temperature and to cool the guests, emphasizing the water element, so central to the whole project. The floor fountain technical parts - including pump, nozzles, LED spot, and IP68 bushings for water, electricity, and data connections - are housed in four custom-made boxes in AISI 316L steel. These underground boxes are designed to facilitate inspections and allow the upper side to be covered with the same coating as the adjacent flooring, thus proposing a solution that gives the project a harmonious and homogeneous design. The four water jets work independently from each other, thanks to the provision of a pump for each nozzle: this allows for greater differentiation of the jets to create water and light shows, programmed by our technicians using the Oase WECS III 512/DMX/02 controller. Moreover, the chosen pump-nozzle combination allows the water jets to reach heights of up to 2m in just 0.6s, each illuminated by an RGB+White DMX LED spotlight. An anemometer regulates the maximum height of the jets, automatically and proportionally lowering it based on wind pressure, to prevent the fountain from spraying outside the designated area and to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the water displays. The water used is always the same, thanks to the filtration and recirculation system, which filters and automatically balances the levels of acid and chlorine, putting it back into circulation clean and crystal clear. This ensures the water's healthiness and sustainable use of water and energy resources, as the pumps used are among the most efficient on the market. Additionally, a dechlorination system has been installed with timed automatic dosing of chlorine/bromine neutralizer. The fountain complex is part of a 5,000 sqm Waterfront area, the result of an agreement between the Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority and LSCT – La Spezia Container Terminal, with the aim of presenting a new approach to the sea by requalifying the area adjacent to Porta Paita. The project involves the transformation of Calata Paita through the urban recovery and reuse of areas that currently serve port functions. The design and implementation of the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) parts of the fountain were carried out by Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains, commissioned by Agnese Costruzioni s.r.l. of La Spezia, which was responsible for the construction of the entire requalification work.
"Calata Paita, an example of Temporary Urbanism for a city that comes back to life at the Port of La Spezia" - Fabrica Società Cooperativa.



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