Floor fountain
Train Station Square, Rimini

A brand new square enriched by spectacular water games is the result of a profound urban transformation of the area in front of the Train Station Square of Rimini. The capital of Romagna is at the top of the Italian cities that best represent hospitable and welcoming culture, reason why the Municipality wanted to redevelop the urban space, converting it in the business card for all the travelers who reach the city by train. The project’s aim was to characterize the public space in front of the Hub with “environmental island” and complementary works of urban furniture, integrated with new cycle-pedestrian connections, to give a decisive contribution to the development of a safe and sustainable city. The entire intervention is sponsored by RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, which instructed Studio Via Ingegneria of Rome for the project design and the company Fadep s.r.l. for the execution of works. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, in collaboration with the architects Silvia Maria Ripa and Felipe Lozano of Studio Via Ingegneria, was responsible of the fountain’s MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumping”), that is the entire design and implementation of the technical, technological and executive parts. A dry deck fountain with twelve dynamic nozzles enriches the new redevelop urban space, which water jets that create original scenic effects with heights reaching three and a half meters. The color of the dynamic spotlights LED changes according to the choreography, thanks to the Controller OASE WECS/512/DMX/02, with which chromatic games of lights and forms of water are realized and programmed. To ensure a safe, sustainable and durable over-time fountain, twelve stainless steel AISI 316 boxes connected with each other has been installed (thus avoiding the creation of a compensation pool): each one hosts a nozzle OASE Comet 10 – 12, a pump OASE Varionaut 150/DMX/02 in 24V and a spotlight OASE Profilux LED S RGB/DMX/02 IP68. The central hole permits the exiting of water jet, a second larger hole hosts the LED Spotlight, while a perimeter slot let the water return, which is collected, filtered, balanced in acid and chlorine values and put back into circulation. Boxes are easily inspectable, thanks to the removable cover, which creates a continuum with the rest of the square’s flooring. A mechanical recirculation and filtration system has been installed to ensure always clean and crystalline water: it is made of a pump Fluidra Astralpool Sena 1/2CV with a sand filter Fluidra Astralpool Aster 350 and two control units with dosing pump AstralPool Exactus, which automatically replenish sodium hypochlorite and sulfuric acid thanks to the continuous reading of the probes. A four ways control unit LOVATO manages the water level inside the fountain and automatically replenishes the water bringing it to level, through level sensors OASE 2000-3/5 and an additional solenoid valve OASE 2000-1. The automatic loading device and the filtration system permit the correct pumps functioning and a sustainable management of hydraulic resources, also provided by an anemometer OASE, which determines the wind speed and adjusts the height of the jets proportionally. With this redevelopment project the Rimini experiental potential has been enriched, and the city has gifted its citizens and travellers with a safe square, which instills tranquility and wellness, but above all entertainment and beauty by the dry fountains, which accompany the days and the coming and going of people with their enchanting games of water and lights.
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel


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