Dancing Musical Fountain
Holiday Centre Pra delle Torri, Caorle, Venice

Una nuova forma di intrattenimento tra musica, acqua e luci
Una nuova forma di intrattenimento tra musica, acqua e luci
In the cozy Caorle, a historic seaside village in the province of Venice is situated the Holiday Centre Pra delle Torri: a big four-star facility that expands on 120 hectares of green overlooking one of the most beautiful Italian beaches. Here the first dancing musical fountain of the Venetian coast was installed: a project conceived by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, in collaboration with the Architect Simona M. Favrin - Favrin Design and Scarpa Building Studio. Specially designed to enrich the attractiveness of the Holiday Centre, this new kind of visual and musical entertainment makes you live exciting moments of true wonder. The dancing musical fountain was strongly desired by the Holiday Centre Pra delle Torri’s Management and Property, for its great experiential potential, able to enrich the territory’s tourist offer through a unique show that touches the sensitivity of the spectators. It has been placed in the heart of the Holiday Centre, on the sedimentation of the historical fountain with static nozzles.
“This fountain is dedicated to the new generations - says Stefano Scrignoli, Director of del Pra delle Torri – lot of guests started to spend here their summer when they were kids, we have seen them grow and during this years they have established with the previous fountain an emotive bond, identifying the holiday on it. Today, the dancing musical fountain offers the best of technological evolution, to generate moments of true experiential entertainment and true amusement with its water and lights choreographies. We are sure that kids will love it and they will established an emotional connection with it, which will become for them what the other fountain has been for their parents.”

The heart of the dancing musical fountain is the innovative control system OASE WECS 1024/DMX/02: this controller permits direct management of the water jet and the brightness of each element, which, adapted to the musical beat, the phrasing and the dynamic of the track, it makes possible the creation of original artistic choreographies. Planning, design and creation of the musical show has been done by Forme d’Acqua, in collaboration with Arentech and Favrin Design. On every project, Forme d’Acqua develops and applies structural and technical measures addressed to the protection and sustainable management of water resources. In this case, it was chosen a mechanical recirculation and filtration plant, made by a Fluidra Astralpool Sena 1/2 pump of 0,37Kw with a Fluidra Astralpool Aster 350 sand filter, and two Fluidra Micro Astralpool control units for acidification and automatic chlorination of water with control probe and automatic in-line reinstatement. To complete it all, to further safeguard water resources, has been installed an anemometer, a tool that measures wind velocity and pressure and proportionally adjusts the nozzle's height. Another important factor for a sustainable fountain is the energy efficiency. In this project the nozzles lightning is given by spotlights OASE ProfiLux LED RGBW S/DMX/02 IP68 of 24V, the Jumping Jet has an integrated LED lighting system RGB-W and, similarly, all other elements are powered by low consumption components. Therefore, the fountain uses only 17 kW per day, which translates into a significant containment of energy resources use. The fountain is located on the main street roundabout: the base of the previous fountain – a rounded concrete pool with a diameter of 7,40 meters – has been kept but now inside there are a sequence of electrical wires, pumps, and nozzles, fixed to a circular stainless steel AISI316 frame, which fascinates with its orderly complexity. The centerpiece is an OASE Crown Nozzle, served by two OASE Varionaut 270 pumps of 24V. Besides, arranged on two concentric turns, sixteen OASE Comet 5-8 Silver nozzles (the first circle is composed of four elements, the second one is made by twelve of them) powered by an OASE Varionaut 150 pump of 24V each. The same tipology of the pump served the four OASE Jumping Jet Rainbow Star II as well, placed to form a square that encloses the circular frames which creates an alternation of geometrical figures. All the elements have been designed and chosen to contribute to the realization of a long-lasting, innovative, and sustainable dancing musical fountain, worthy of the level of territory offer and the guests’ expectations, who will live enchanting and truly amazing moments.
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