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Dancing Fountain – Pove del Grappa

A technological and sustainable fountain for the Town Hall of Pove del Grappa
A technological and sustainable fountain for the Town Hall of Pove del Grappa
Pove del Grappa is a small town near Vicenza, famous for its well-developed olive trees plantations. Due to the climatic and territorial peculiarities of the area, the extra virgin olive oil produced here is renowned locally and nationally, above all for its low acidity percentage.
The Town Council asked Forme d'Acqua to build a fountain, to be placed in front of the main entrance of the town hall.
The fountain is part of a complex restructuring plan of the entire building and the square in front of it. It has been strongly desired by the administration and focused on energy saving with the installation of solar panels on the roof of the town hall and the renewal of the city green with the planting of some olive trees. And precisely in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, Forme d'Acqua designed and built a "green" fountain.
It is a dancing fountain, programmable from remote with light effects and water features that will embellish the summer nights of the city. The fountain is composed of four Aisi 316 stainless steel tanks, the bestin terms of efficiency and resistance to corrosion in the aquatic environment, measuring 2.5 x 3.5 meters each where 12 OASE Komet 5-10 nozzles T are placed.
The 12 nozzles are positioned at the ground level and are controlled by 12 OASE Varionaut 90 pumps which create the water movements. For what concerns the evening hours and the light shows, the fountain is equipped with 12 LED RGB Profilux 320 lights, which make possible various water and light scenarios. This is an extremely technological project, also equipped with an anemometer that measures wind speed, to automatically adjust the height of the nozzles, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of water. Another feature makes this fountain special: it is completely drivable, thus allowing, once turned off, the transit of vehicles on its own area of ​​relevance. The project was born and was then studied by Forme d'Acqua to respond to this need: create a decorative fountain, which embellished the square in front of the town hall, without interfering with the functionality of the area, and allowing regular urban traffic. The technical solution adopted to meet this need was the realization of steel plates to support the lights and nozzles thicker than normal, in order to guarantee maximum resistance.



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