The area surronding ​​Pove del Grappa (VI), as well as for the cultivation of olive trees, is also famous for the tradition of marble processing which has been extracted from

Dynamic Fountain – Via Cà Marcello, Mestre (VE)
A dynamic fountain for the new area of Via Cà Marcello - Mestre
A dynamic fountain for the new area of Via Cà Marcello - Mestre

The multi-purpose center in the area of ​​Via Ca’ Marcello in Mestre is located in a strategic position of the city, a few steps away from the train station and

Waterfall with artificial pond, Private Villa – Pavia
An artificial pond with three pools, with a three waterfalls fountain, aquatic plants and water lilies.
An artificial pond with three pools, with a three waterfalls fountain, aquatic plants and water lilies.

As it often happens also this fountain was born from an idea and a collaboration, but this time also the customer had a fundamental role. This project was born in a

Water features – Campsite Union Lido (VE)
Restyling work for the minigolf area of the Campsite Union Lido
Restyling work for the minigolf area of the Campsite Union Lido

A new water and light feature to give further fun to the mini-golf course of the Union Lido campsite. A fountain composed by 5 Oase Comet 10-12 Silver water-levelled nozzles

Floor fountain – Union Lido Campsite (VE)
A fountain for the 5-stars Union Lido Campsite (VE) to refresh and entertain its guests
A fountain for the 5-stars Union Lido Campsite (VE) to refresh and entertain its guests

The Union Lido campsite, one of the most important and historic realities of open air tourism in Cavallino Treporti area, commissioned to Forme d’Acqua a fountain for Piazza Venezia, a meeting

Sport Sculpture – Parco dei Gio’vani, Guardistallo (PI)
A sculpture inspired by sport, physical activity and the well-being of body and mind.
A sculpture inspired by sport, physical activity and the well-being of body and mind.

Guardistallo is a small town in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany. In this medieval village on Tuscan hills, but just a few kilometers away from the


L’Incontro restaurant in Colliano, in the province of Salerno, is a welcoming and charming place where guests are enhanced by a romantic evening dedicated to haute cuisine. How to make

Mylar Lace
A simple, minimalist indoor fountain
A simple, minimalist indoor fountain

Mylar Lace is a simple project with a minimalist but very effective taste, created in collaboration with our partner Giardini d’Acqua. This fountain that can be used as a piece

Infinity Fountain, Hotel Leopardi Verona
A simple shaped, but great effect fountain.
A simple shaped, but great effect fountain.

Hotel Leopardi is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Verona, an important facility with a wellness center, meeting rooms and a renowned restaurant, La Ginestra, frequented by visitors

Empire World – Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Three fountains realized at the Empire World multifunction complex
Three fountains realized at the Empire World multifunction complex

On behalf of Falcon Group, a leading company in the building sector for the Iraqi market, Forme d’Acqua implemented three outdoor fountains in the new multi-function complex called Empire World.

Forme d'Acqua in an exhibition against terrorism
Forme d'Acqua in an exhibition against terrorism

CONTROCORRENTE is the name of the project born from the collaboration of Forme d’Acqua with architect Simona Favrin and Nicola Moretti, Murano glass master, coming from one of the most historic

Water, Glass and Steel
Water, Glass and Steel

Luxury is an elegant fountain, with essential lines, which finds its focus point in the precious presence of Murano glass. It is composed of a steel structure and characterized by

Fountain Restoration
Piazza Sant’Eusebio, Agrate Brianza
Piazza Sant’Eusebio, Agrate Brianza

Forme d’Acqua was in charge of the restoration and renovation of the fountain in Piazza Sant’Eusebio, in Agrate Brianza (MB). It is a monumental fountain in the Municipality of Brianza,

Fountain Feng Shui
A fountain inspired by the values of the eastern art
A fountain inspired by the values of the eastern art

A vertical fountain, rigorous and fascinating, that develops on different levels, through the transparencies of water, glass and solid marble background. Designed and built according to the Chinese Feng Shui

Marina di Venezia – Dynamic and Mirror Fountains
The fountains realized for the sixtyth anniversary of Marina di Venezia camping
The fountains realized for the sixtyth anniversary of Marina di Venezia camping

In our territory, which has made open air tourism its strongest point, the hospitality structures are extremely advanced for their excellence. The Marina di Venezia camping is a perfect example

Dancing Fountain – Pove del Grappa
A technological and sustainable fountain for the Town Hall of Pove del Grappa
A technological and sustainable fountain for the Town Hall of Pove del Grappa

Pove del Grappa is a small town near Vicenza, famous for its well-developed olive trees plantations. Due to the climatic and territorial peculiarities of the area, the extra virgin olive

Small Precious Garden
A Murano Glass Garden
A Murano Glass Garden

Small Precious Garden is a Murano glass garden. An installation specifically created for a private client in Portugal, which takes inspiration by the landscape of Venice and its lagoon. The

Water Garden – Erbil
Villa Privata ad Erbil, Kurdistan Iracheno
Villa Privata ad Erbil, Kurdistan Iracheno

Water Garden completes, together with Waterfall, River and Roundabout, the complex project realized for a private villa in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, together with the Cracknell studio from Dubai, one

Infinity Fountain
Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro | Iconic fountain, inner court
Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro | Iconic fountain, inner court

Iconic fountain, inner court. Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro is located in the historic center of Venice, within walking distance of “the world’s most beautiful lounge”, St. Mark’s Square. The building,

Water garden
Garden Peraga

In collaboration with the Arch. Simona M. Favrin, we have integrated the plans of the well-known horticulturalist and landscape gardener Ivano Garbuio. We have created a water garden with a


An impressive garden terrace in a tourist residence on Piazza Drago, right in the heart of Jesolo Lido. There are lots of areas of greenery above the residence’s underground garages. Basing


  Strolling up the long porphyry boulevard across the park, you arrive at the entrance of the villa, where the “Roundabout”, a majestic and iconic fountain, welcomes the visitor.  

Kish dancing fountain
Technological fountains
Technological fountains

Forme d’Acqua is partners   For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water: realizae pumps, nozzles, lighting, accessories and other solutions for all kinds of fountains.    

Grey garden
Casabianca cafè - jesolo
Casabianca cafè - jesolo

When we designed the garden, the areas set aside for it had already been established and the wooden fl ooring was already in place. Within the space available, the architect S.


The Marzotto Village in Jesolo is one of the most beautiful, light and breezy holiday destinations of its kind in the Venice area. Forme d’Acqua and the architect Simona M. Favrin worked

private villa in erbil, iraqi kurdistan
private villa in erbil, iraqi kurdistan

A major waterfall that covers 36 linear meters along Rozh villa livingroom terrace, and an infinity pool on the Erbil sunset. Water is an integral part of the interior and exterior of the house,

Water show
Dancing fountain, Quellenhof Hotel, Merano
Dancing fountain, Quellenhof Hotel, Merano

Quellenhof hotel is a very important touristic facility in Merano (Bozen – South Tyrol). Cradle of 5-star wellnes, it has become so much big and differentiated in its offers that

Water and glass
Camping marina di Venezia
Camping marina di Venezia

Marina di Venezia Campsite is one of the largest and most prestigious open-air holiday centres in Europe. Located on the Cavallino Treporti coast near Venice, it is always at the cutting edge

Jets of water
Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, Trieste
Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, Trieste

In the swimming pool of the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, we have created, in collaboration with the Arch. Devis Rampazzo, and the skilled craftsmen from the Officina Bacciolo, a water feature with 63 nozzles

Water and luxury
Luxury & Yachts

The Luxury Fair in Verona was a great showcase for Forme d’Acqua. Being involved in this extremely important and demanding exhibition and commercial environment was a highly stimulating experience. With

Water wall
Events Coordinator Consultant
Events Coordinator Consultant

Wall is truly striking. It consists of a vertical wall of water plummeting down a stainless steel grid that can be used as a screen. It can be illuminated from

Tree for friendship
Grand Central Terminal in New York
Grand Central Terminal in New York

“The Tree for Friendship” is a constantly changing group work that was created in Murano, in the heart of Venice. It was designed to evolve and adapt to the passing

Private villa in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Private villa in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

A staircase embellished by the gentle water rustling accompanies the visitors along the access road to the villa, located in Iraqi Kurdistan. The water promenade, designed by Cracknell, important landscape

Silver reflections
Luxury Store

Casa Frumoasa is a luxury store in the heart of Bucharest. During the renovation and conversion work that completely changed its image, we were asked to create a fountain in

Reflecting Wings
Julia Utensili

Julia Utensili SPA is a world leading company in the field of cutting with circular tools. It produces circular saws, knives and a range of cutting equipment for many types


The aim of the project by the architect Devis Rampazzo was to set off the statue of the Madonna, giving it prominence while also helping it to fit in with

Public square

Procreation is its name, Murano glass its soul, water its heart. Procreation was designed by architect Simona M. Favrin and carried out by four young Murano glass masters: Fabio Fornasier, Alessandro Mandruzzato,

The Floating Well
Hotel Riviera Maximilliam
Hotel Riviera Maximilliam

The Floating Well, an evocative name for a special fountain, born from the idea of ​​one of our clients, developed and designed by us. The concept behind this fountain comes

Crystal in the air bubbles
Lounge bar Casabianca

The work we did for the Casabianca Cafè was very interesting because it involved strong links between the indoor area and the garden. The wooden flooring achieved this horizontally, while

Milano Water Design 2016
Installation Castello Sforzesco
Installation Castello Sforzesco

Milan, Sforza Castle, Ducal Courtyard. One of the most fascinating and charming place in Milan, hosted the Water Design, the only event in Italy which connects water and design, inviting us to reflect on the

The mulberry tree
Public square

An artistic image which breaks down nature in a three dimensional figure, where life and heat are, in this case, represented by water and light. “Il Gelso – the Mulberry Tree”, project by

Mirror Fountain – Senato Hotel Milano
Central courtyard in the lobby

A sheet of water laps against the surfaces and gently cascades onto the stones in this fountain, which boasts unmistakeable charms. With a depth of just 2 cm, the shallow expanse

giardino italia
Murano venezia

Murano and its one thousand years old glass art celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy with a new and collective work of art, where craftsmanship meets technological

Bio Spring Fountain
Entrance Factory

The linear style of the façade was associated to a regular and flat tub in concrete that we dressed and naturalised with an Alpine Green bottom and coloured water lilies.

Ground Fountain Cascade
Holiday park Garden Paradiso
Holiday park Garden Paradiso

The Garden Paradiso campsite is one of Cavallino Treporti’s fl agship outdoor tourist facilities. Building a fountain in its square was a momentous task, given the large number of people

Vertical Water Blade
Piazza Libertà, Pramaggiore, Venezia
Piazza Libertà, Pramaggiore, Venezia

In redeveloped public squares, fountains are playing an increasingly important role as an identifying, prestigious element and a place for people to gather. In the historical centres of towns and


The architects behind the refurbishment of the COIN department store in Milan were keen to include a fountain on the “home and wellbeing” floor. They requested: peaceful, relaxing water; clean,

Water Goblet
Si Si Hotel

After a long restoration work to the hotel, the architect Gian Paolo Londero, from  Gemona has finished his work, enriching and completing the garden with an important fountain, perfectly in harmony with its surroundings. A slim,

Hotel Bellariva
Hotel Bellariva

Design and simplicity are the characteristics that distinguish our projects, they are the genetic code that identifies our installations; it is also thanks to the professional synthesis reached with the

Nero Saint Laurent
Penthouse sea

A stunning apartment in the centre of Jesolo Lido, near Venice. A demanding customer and an architect who chose to work with us once again: Valter Tronchin. The task at

Water wall in Travertino
Arthena 5, Portogruaro
Arthena 5, Portogruaro

Arhena 5 is a large multi-functional center with fitness and relax areas, a bowling alley, arcade and pool tables, cafè restaurant pizza place and a summer terrace, located in Portogruaro,

Private Villa
Private Villa

A simple cut, clean and geometric stamps the character of the architect who planned it and who lives there, onto the house. A fountain, to weave together the garden with

Restyling dancing fountain
Speech by restructuring and re-start the Agrate Brianza fountain
Speech by restructuring and re-start the Agrate Brianza fountain

The delicate balance of a fountain is based on the use of appropriate materials and the implementation, made in a workmanlike manner by qualified staff, and must be maintained over



True beauty is not ephemeral, it’s not something superficial. It’s a subtle and universal language, that only expert eyes and sensible hearts can immediately recognize. We want to give solid basis to beauty: choosing only precious and long-lasting materials, and resistant, efficient and easy to operate technological and mechanical systems. Only later, we can think about the funniest part of our work: the attention to detail.



We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.