Fountain with acquatic plants

Village Marzotto
Village Marzotto
The Marzotto Village in Jesolo is one of the most beautiful, light and breezy holiday destinations of its kind in the Venice area. Forme d’Acqua and the architect Simona M. Favrin worked to bring out the best of a recreational area in the village. They produced an array of circular elements with different diameters that were inspired by the shadows on the ground produced by the foliage of the numerous pine trees in the village.
The blend of water, plants and rocks within the circles plays a big role in the appearance of the garden and offers a place for tourists that are passing through to relax.
The light features and colours of the herbaceous perennials intertwine with the design elements on the ground. The pools of water are painted stainless steel fountains with UV filter systems that keep the water clean and make it possible for the plants to grow alongside them.