Floor fountain – Union Lido Campsite (VE)
A fountain for the 5-stars Union Lido Campsite (VE) to refresh and entertain its guests

The Union Lido campsite, one of the most important and historic realities of open air tourism in Cavallino Treporti area, commissioned to Forme d’Acqua a fountain for Piazza Venezia, a meeting

Infinity Fountain, Hotel Leopardi Verona
A simple shaped, but great effect fountain.

Hotel Leopardi is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Verona, an important facility with a wellness center, meeting rooms and a renowned restaurant, La Ginestra, frequented by visitors

Empire World – Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Three fountains realized at the Empire World multifunction complex

On behalf of Falcon Group, a leading company in the building sector for the Iraqi market, Forme d’Acqua implemented three outdoor fountains in the new multi-function complex called Empire World.

Water, Glass and Steel

Luxury is an elegant fountain, with essential lines, which finds its focus point in the precious presence of Murano glass. It is composed of a steel structure and characterized by

Fountain Restoration
Piazza Sant’Eusebio, Agrate Brianza

Forme d’Acqua was in charge of the restoration and renovation of the fountain in Piazza Sant’Eusebio, in Agrate Brianza (MB). It is a monumental fountain in the Municipality of Brianza,

Marina di Venezia – Dynamic and Mirror Fountains
The fountains realized for the sixtyth anniversary of Marina di Venezia camping

In our territory, which has made open air tourism its strongest point, the hospitality structures are extremely advanced for their excellence. The Marina di Venezia camping is a perfect example

Dancing Fountain – Pove del Grappa
Una fontana tecnologica e sostenibile per il Comune di Pove del Grappa

Pove del Grappa is a small town near Vicenza, famous for its well-developed olive trees plantations. Due to the climatic and territorial peculiarities of the area, the extra virgin olive

Water Garden – Erbil
Villa Privata ad Erbil, Kurdistan Iracheno

Water Garden completes, together with Waterfall, River and Roundabout, the complex project realized for a private villa in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, together with the Cracknell studio from Dubai, one

Infinity Fountain
Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro | Iconic fountain, inner court

Iconic fountain, inner court. Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro is located in the historic center of Venice, within walking distance of “the world’s most beautiful lounge”, St. Mark’s Square. The building,

Water garden
Garden Peraga

In collaboration with the Arch. Simona M. Favrin, we have integrated the plans of the well-known horticulturalist and landscape gardener Ivano Garbuio. We have created a water garden with a