Sport Sculpture – Parco dei Gio’vani, Guardistallo (PI)
A sculpture inspired by sport, physical activity and the well-being of body and mind.

Guardistallo is a small town in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany. In this medieval village on Tuscan hills, but just a few kilometers away from the

Mylar Lace
A simple, minimalist indoor fountain

Mylar Lace is a simple project with a minimalist but very effective taste, created in collaboration with our partner Giardini d’Acqua. This fountain that can be used as a piece

Forme d'Acqua in an exhibition against terrorism

CONTROCORRENTE is the name of the project born from the collaboration of Forme d’Acqua with architect Simona Favrin and Nicola Moretti, Murano glass master, coming from one of the most historic

Water, Glass and Steel

Luxury is an elegant fountain, with essential lines, which finds its focus point in the precious presence of Murano glass. It is composed of a steel structure and characterized by

Fountain Feng Shui
A fountain inspired by the values of the eastern art

A vertical fountain, rigorous and fascinating, that develops on different levels, through the transparencies of water, glass and solid marble background. Designed and built according to the Chinese Feng Shui

Small Precious Garden
A Murano Glass Garden

Small Precious Garden is a Murano glass garden. An installation specifically created for a private client in Portugal, which takes inspiration by the landscape of Venice and its lagoon. The

Water and luxury
Luxury & Yachts

The Luxury Fair in Verona was a great showcase for Forme d’Acqua. Being involved in this extremely important and demanding exhibition and commercial environment was a highly stimulating experience. With

Water wall
Events Coordinator Consultant

Wall is truly striking. It consists of a vertical wall of water plummeting down a stainless steel grid that can be used as a screen. It can be illuminated from

Tree for friendship
Grand Central Terminal in New York

“The Tree for Friendship” is a constantly changing group work that was created in Murano, in the heart of Venice. It was designed to evolve and adapt to the passing

Public square

Procreation is its name, Murano glass its soul, water its heart. Procreation was designed by architect Simona M. Favrin and carried out by four young Murano glass masters: Fabio Fornasier, Alessandro Mandruzzato,