Floor fountain – Union Lido Campsite (VE)
A fountain for the 5-stars Union Lido Campsite (VE) to refresh and entertain its guests

The Union Lido campsite, one of the most important and historic realities of open air tourism in Cavallino Treporti area, commissioned to Forme d’Acqua a fountain for Piazza Venezia, a meeting

Marina di Venezia – Dynamic and Mirror Fountains
The fountains realized for the sixtyth anniversary of Marina di Venezia camping

In our territory, which has made open air tourism its strongest point, the hospitality structures are extremely advanced for their excellence. The Marina di Venezia camping is a perfect example

Dancing Fountain – Pove del Grappa
A technological and sustainable fountain for the Town Hall of Pove del Grappa

Pove del Grappa is a small town near Vicenza, famous for its well-developed olive trees plantations. Due to the climatic and territorial peculiarities of the area, the extra virgin olive

Kish dancing fountain
Technological fountains

Forme d’Acqua is partners   For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water: realizae pumps, nozzles, lighting, accessories and other solutions for all kinds of fountains.    

Ground Fountain Cascade
Holiday park Garden Paradiso

The Garden Paradiso campsite is one of Cavallino Treporti’s fl agship outdoor tourist facilities. Building a fountain in its square was a momentous task, given the large number of people

Restyling dancing fountain
Speech by restructuring and re-start the Agrate Brianza fountain

The delicate balance of a fountain is based on the use of appropriate materials and the implementation, made in a workmanlike manner by qualified staff, and must be maintained over