A talk with Arnaldo Enzo, Innovation Manager and water features shows co-creator

A talk with Arnaldo Enzo, Innovation Manager and water features shows co-creator

Summer 2022: new water, light and music shows are coming so we interviewed Arnaldo Enzo, Innovation Manager of Forme d’Acqua.

How is a fountain show made?

In the beginning there is the fountain, that is, you must have a fountain, even removable, with all the set of nozzles, lights, speakers and the technology suitable for programming. The realization of a show begins with the listening: over time I have developed a sort of intuition to identify musics suitable for the show.The rhythm and dynamics of the music must be combined with the movement of the water and the colors of the lights and this requires an overall vision and the ability to translate it into a show. For example, think of a song that has different rhythmic impulses, combined with by ups and downs of the jets of water and the alternations of colors that increase the sense of joy or energy. The water game’s show is multisensorial, it stimulates the eye, the ear, sometimes even the touch and this mix amplifies emotions: joy, amazement, happiness but also calm and relaxation.

Along with the listening to and the selection of the musics, there is the design of the show, I am lucky enough to work with the architect. Simona  M. Favrin, a big creative and professional person who deals with the design of the show, a project in which technique and art converge. The choreography of the fountain shows is always collaborative, it must be planned and then site tested and adapted to the responses and effects of the context. It seems like a big effort but it is wonderful to work at night for developing a show and see the amused reactions of passers-by.


Which and how many professional skills and know-how should be put in place?

From a technical point of view it is essential to know the communication protocols such as DMX, Artnet, Modbus, Serial and to be able to identify the most suitable equipment based on the customer’s requests and consequently the related communication protocols that allow dialogue between the selected technologies. . It takes specific skills related to electronics and programming languages to which to add the creative ability to create an engaging and emotional show, with a high rate of amazement.

For the planning of the show you need design skills, you need to know the theory of aesthetics, the materials and how they relate, but the plus is given by creativity and the personal background: in our shows Simona also applies her knowledge of the theory of color, essential to enhance the effect of water and music.

How is created the synergy between the different elements that compose water shows?

Creating synergy is a challenge because water and light have different times of reaction and therefore require two different programmings for each single scene which are then synchronized and harmonized with the selected music. I believe that with time and experience you learn to combine the different elements, it’s a bit like for the theater or cinema where scenography, lights, sounds, acting combine to create a unique show. From this intersection of elements and multisensorial relationships, beauty flows.

How are music chosen? What is the most recent schedule?

As I said before, the choice of the songs suitable for a show starts with the listening, I have been working in show programming for many years now and it is automatic for me to listen music according to the potential spectacular effect. Once identified, the suitable songs are proposed to the customer who also use to make his own-proposals and in this case a possible insertion is evaluated considering rhythm and dynamics. At this point the realization of the show begins.

The last schedule I made is that for Camping Prà delle Torri, in the town of Caorle, in the province of Venice: new songs has been added to last year’s selection, one of all “Zitti e Buoni” by Måneskin, the song with which they won Eurovision Song Contest 2021. I heard it on the radio and it immediately seemed suitable for the Prà delle Torri show.In the same show, however, we also put YMCA by the Village People, a song that has a story, because the musical and emotional palette should be varied.

blog_risparmio2Analyzing  the context is a part of the work, the schedule must be suitable for place and public, for example for the Prà delle Torri it was also designed based on the age and nationality present in the Camping Village. There are many elements to consider for the design of the show.

Is there a growing interest in the demand for water shows?

Yes, I would say yes, we are satisfied, also thanks to the rise of social media where videos and photos of the shows are shot and people discover this type of engaging shows that they did not know, because many, especially in Italy, have a classic vision of fountains with statues of horses and cherubs spraying water. In recent years, however, the demand for dynamic fountains has increased, just think about ground fountains that are bringing the elderly and children back to the squares, but we are collecting requests for dancing fountains even in city contexts.

Any new project?

Yes, we are working on the schedule of a new musical fountain in the municipality of Porlezza, on the Lugano lake, a dancing fountain in the historic centre. We are excited about this project and we can’t wait to give you more details, follow us on social networks, I guarantee  that it will be a sparkling summer!


Susanna Dei Rossi

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