Water Generation – A deep experience in water-based varnishes

Water Generation – A deep experience in water-based varnishes

The conference Water Generation – a deep experience in water-based varnishes, organized and promoted by Millenium Colori SRL – will take place at the Park Hotel Villa Fiorita in Treviso on June 13th at 5 PM

An occasion to discuss the future of the paint world and in particular how to convert existing solvent-based varnishes with water-based products; a possible, innovative and sustainable process.
A new concept of products without chemical solvents and with very low VOC emissions, therefore more ecological, but also more performing and with a wider colour range. 

During the conference various experiences will be discussed and compared and there will be many interventions on the subject by experts of the field, professionals and representatives of trade associations. A current topic to be dealt with, both from the technical sustainability points of view, as well as the new color trends and the most sought-after nuances and the new innovative systems for product traceability, to protect the final consumer.

Among the protagonists Luca Passadore, head of the environmental area of ​​Assindustria Venetocentro, Mattia Bardellotto commercial manager of Millennium and creator of the event and Raffaele Mangano, Silvia Furiosi and Maurizio Bazzoni from Lechler SPA.
At the conclusion a motivational speech by Sebastiano Zanolli.

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Millennium Colors SRL, a company specialized in the creation of customized industrial paints, made the most recent technologies and with more than 100,000 liters of color produced per year, makes its know-how available to take advantage of all the new opportunities of this type of products.

An important partner for Forme d’Acqua, who couldn’t miss such an event, especially for its focus. Water, our fundamental element of communication, also acquires a direct visual and chromatic value.

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