Our third commercial mission in Turkey

Istanbul, bodrum, marmaris and denizli
Our third commercial mission in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is still experiencing significant growth. In 2011, its GDP reached $1,087 billion. Forme d’Acqua established and has been able to keep up important personal and professional relationships with the Italian embassy in Turkey, the Italian Cultural Institute and the members of the Turkish social and institutional scene that came into contact with us through the successful “The Lagoon Monster” cultural experience in Istanbul.

The event helped us to forge a strong bond with the country. We are now onto our third trade mission

and thanks to Confartigianato we are playing a leading role in an important internationalization scheme for craft companies in the province of Venice that want to export their goods. The Forme d’Acqua catalogues are very popular with Turkish architects, who have extremely high regard for Italian-made products and their internationally renowned quality.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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