The Venice Glass Week 2019 – Forme d’Acqua at Bauer Palazzo with Rhythmus H2O

A new project that brings together the world of artistic glass with water: Rhythmus H20, created in collaboration with the designer Simona M. Favrin and the Master Glassmaker Nicola Moretti.
The Venice Glass Week 2019 – Forme d’Acqua at Bauer Palazzo with Rhythmus H2O

New participation of Forme d’Acqua at The Venice Glass Week, which this year will take place next 7 to 15 September.

The event was presented today at the press conference by the organizing committee, made of the Municipality of Venice, the Civic Museums Foundation – Murano Glass Museum, Consorzio Promovetro, Giorgio Cini Foundation – Le Stanze del Vetro and Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.

8 days to celebrate artistic glass in all its variations. More than 150 participants and in 180 events like exhibitions, openings, artistic performance and activities all around the city.

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Forme d’Acqua presents one water feature that combines artistic glass with water two similar and parallel elements.


Rhythmus H20 – Hotel Bauer, 7-15 September

A project to studies movement, rhythm, but above all the unpredictability of water. In Rhytmus H2O water flows along some steel rods, meeting in its path some variously coloured glass disks placed at different heights that can rotate around their axis. The effect of water on glass creates random and rhythmic movements, which can be coded and recognized, but also easily modified.

FDA-TVGW-RHYTHMUSH2O-bozzetto-preparatorio-1024x683 FDA-TVGW-RHYTHMUSH2O-studio-preparatorio-1024x683

The patterns of movement, rhythm and sound remain constant and perpetual until a movement of air, a displacement of the disks, a variation in the slope of the steel pipes or any voluntary or random variant modify them to create new, unpredictable and unrepeatable combinations.

This work plays with the theory of chaos: a dynamic system sensitive to initial conditions, but susceptible to changes and variations, where the path of water, always the same, in truth will never be the same.
Rhythmus H2O is born from the collaboration of Forme d’Acqua with designer Simona M. Favrin and with the Murano master glassmaker Nicola Moretti and it will be exhibited at the Hotel Bauer from the 7 to 15 of September.

During the last edition of The Venice Glass Week Forme d’Acqua presented Luxury, exhibited at The Venice Glass Week Hub and Controcorrente, exhibited at the Bugno Art Gallery as part of the collective exhibition Murano Glass Beyond the Barricades.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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