The lagoon monster, the tenth stop: Milan

The lagoon monster, the tenth stop: Milan

Date: 10 to 18 September 2022

Location: Via dei Mercanti, Milan

Event: The Italian Glass Weeks, merger of Vitrum – Milan Glass Week and Venice Glass Week for the international year of glass

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The lagoon monster conquers the heart of Milan in its third presence in the city. The return of the Monster for the Italian Glass Weeks, the merger of Vitrum – Milan Glass Week and Venice Glass Week for the year of glass as designated by the United Nations.

In the beating heart of the historic center of Milan, in via dei Mercanti, a stone’s throw from Palazzo Giuriconsulti where all the in-depth studies and meetings of the event will take place, the lagoon monster shows off its luminous vitreous skin reflected by the water.

A new journey of the Venetian creature, born in the cradle of artistic glass, of which it becomes the spokesperson, for the virtual union of the two cultural capitals during the weeks of The Italian Glass Weeks: over 250 events, meetings and exhibitions dedicated to art artistic and industrial glassmaking.

The lagoon monster, created by arch. designer Simona M. Favrin together with the master glassmaker Nicola Moretti, created by Forme d’Acqua Venice fountains with the precious collaboration of the Promovetro Consortium of Murano, had appeared for the first time in the Milanese city in 2014 for “The art of glass today in Italia ”, exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert – former cultural consultant of the Monster – in the prestigious Villa Necchi Campiglio Fai.

In 2021 on the occasion of Vision Milan Glass Week, the collateral event of Vitrum 2021, the installation was exhibited in Piazza Gae Aulenti, making it the most photographed work of the event.

From 10 to 18 September Martino, this is the proper name of the creature of the abyss, will be immersed in the removable basin in the center of Via dei Mercanti.


Simona M. Favrin designer:

Milanese by birth and Venetian by adoption, I lived in Murano fascinated by the art of glass and I began to use this material in my works and collaborate with the masters of the island. The symbolic union of the two cities in the name of glass and the fervor of exhibitions and events dedicated to glass excites me; that the Monster is once again the protagonist of this meeting is for me a source of pride and recognition for an important professional goal, shared with the master Nicola Moretti, the team of Forme d’Acqua and the support of the Consorzio Promovetro Murano.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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