The European Union Renewable Energy Week

The European Union Sustainable Energies Week is being celebrated all over Europe
The European Union Renewable Energy Week

The European Union Renewable Energy Week (EUSEW) is taking place in these days. It is an initiative launched by the European Commission in 2006, to discuss in an active way sustainable and renewable energy policies.

“Lead the Clean Energy Transition” is this year’s slogan, which invites us to be protagonists and active parts of the change, necessary for our well-being and to protect our planet. The small actions we make everyday, which involve us closely in energy saving, can really make the difference.

The heart of the event will be in Brussels where, between 5th and 7th of June, the international conference “Clean Energy for all Europeans” will be held, and where fundamentale topics such as the development of environmental policies, the best practices implemented so far and the new ideas on sustainable energy will be discussed.


This week is also important for the Energy Days: events and preparatory activities during the months of May and June, organized throughout Europe by companies, public administrations and ordinary citizens, to celebrate the annual theme of EUSEW.
The importance of the Energy Days lies in having such important issues to come out of the “palaces of power” and instead making them enter directly into daily life of the people, thus expanding the number of those involved. All Energy Days events will be promoted in the Week’s official calendar of activities.


This is an appointment to focus the attention on current and important topics, such as the development of environmental protection, and make sure that they become topics of daily discussion among ordinary people.

Many events of the Energy Days that will take place in the Venetian territory with themes related to the building sector, mobility and exposure of progress made so far and ongoing projects.


Forme d’Acqua shares this kind of values, and strongly believes in the direct approach and in the involvement of people in such delicate themes. In fact, even in our projects we follow this way of working, in fact we try to offer our customer beautiful solutions, but always considering the protection of the environment.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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