the birth of the lagoon monster

finissage "glass. arte del vetro oggi"
the birth of the lagoon monster

The lagoon monster” is a fountain that became a piece of art because of its uniqueness and its force that instills to the viewers while they are attracted in its world. It has a deep, abyssal voice, as if it emerged from the dark bowels of the Venetian lagoon. Its skin in scales has been entirely made in Murano glass by the glass master Nicola Moretti.


The exhibition “Glass, Art of glass Today” curated by Jean Blanchaert ends on September 11th. A luxurious exhibition, where artists and designers of the international contemporary scene exhibit.

The lagoon monster will remain a few days more at Villa dei Vescovi before coming back to the Venice lagoon waters.

The invitation to visit The lagoon monster is open to anyone who wishes to live a new conception of fountain, unique and inimitable.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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