Sunday October 4th we are going to inaugurate the fountain in Sant’Antero square!

Sunday October 4th we are going to inaugurate the fountain in Sant’Antero square!

Giaveno is one of the six towns of the Val Sangone, at the foot of the Cottian Alps, in the province of Turin. This city has very ancient origins, scholars trace them back to the Roman era, when during the 1st century the Gavi family from Augusta Taurinorum (Turin) would have built a farmhouse here. Nowdays Giaveno is worldfamous for being the capital of mushroom, especially for the boletus, but those who have been lucky enough to visit it will certainly have been struck by the quantity and quality of the fountains present. We are talking about a historic center decorated with fountains of various types, mainly classic, but all well maintained, which instill a sense of well-being and order in citizens and visitors. Precisely for this reason, when Forme d’Acqua was commissioned to collaborate in the restyling of Piazza Sant’Antero, the main challenge was to create a brand new fountain whose appearance was not too much or too little compared to the others, but the right balance should have been obtained to preserve and enrich the pre-existing harmony.


The engineer Carlo Ostorero from the Dedalo Architettura Studio in Turin oversaw the entire project, by designing a dynamic fountain that mirrors the surrounding natural and architectural beauties and at the same time breaks the static nature of the building with four water jets arranged along one side. Forme d’Acqua followed the prospectus created by Eng. Ostorero and designed the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) parts, choosing the most innovative solutions for a sustainable and long-lasting fountain.


With the completion of the first step of the “Urban Renaissance” project, The Municipality of Giaveno has given life to an old square, whose design has been positively overturned with new urban furnishings and a dynamic, elegant and brisk fountain, now ready to become the new attractive pole of the historic centre.

The inauguration is set for Sunday October 4th at 11 am, if you are nearby, come and say hello!


Susanna Dei Rossi

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