Statement by the Mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia

Statement by the Mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia

On June 5th The City of Jesolo has started the summer season with three inaugurations: the renovation of the fountain in piazza Brescia, the International sand sculptures festival and the art exhibition “the culture of encounter”.


In the picture: Gianluca Orazio, assessor Flavia Pastò and the Mayor of Jesolo Valerio Zoggia


Piazza Brescia has been welcoming its guests for years and entertaining residents without the historic water games. The large circular pool of twelve meters was unused and the absence of its jets generated a sense of melancholy, which brought back memories to the good times when it was in operation and was a meeting point for young people in the Jesolo evenings. Thanks to the restoration intervention of the fountain it a new aspect has given to the “door of the city”, which now returns to be the beating heart of Jesolo and the starting point for the restart.

At the end of the inaugural event we had the pleasure to ask a question to the Mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia, on the role of the fountains.

FdA: A new season linked to fountains has begun in Jesolo: can the idea of moving towards increasingly interactive and dynamic fountains, as has been done for years in Dubai, for example, become an impulse here too to attract an even more creative and experiential tourism.

V. Zoggia: Jesolo has become famous over the years for its beach. Lately we have been moving more and more towards alternative tourism, which is an environmental type of tourism and is aimed at a close involvement with nature, through cycle paths and water routes. Promoting the city with these new forms of water, which are almost a novelty for Jesolo, could also be another tourist segment. So, it is to reflect and, why not, start doing something!


Susanna Dei Rossi

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