Solar Decathlon Middle East – The competition is approaching!

Forme d'Acqua is partner of La Sapienza University in the implementation of Restart4Smart
Solar Decathlon Middle East – The competition is approaching!

The participation of La Sapienza University at the Solar Decathlon Middle East, the international inter-academic competition dedicated to sustainable architecture, is getting closer and closer.
Restart4Smart, the ecological house, designed and built by “Team Sapienza” which is composed by students from various faculties (engineering, architecture, and communication) and is led by Prof. Marco Casini, is now a reality and it is currently traveling to Dubai. The ship left the port of La Spezia on October 2nd and will arrive at destination on October 19th.
Flora is there too, our white marble fountain from the Le Sirene indoor collection that is going to be placed on the patio of the house and that it represents Forme d’Acqua’s participation to the project as a partner.

11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-4-1024x683 11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-1-1024x683
Restart4Smart is the prototype of the house of the future: smart, powered by solar energy, fully automatic and manageable through smartphone, with a refined design and made with high quality materials, but conceived and built without waste, indeed keeping a very important and fundamental principle at heart: sustainability.
These are the key elements of the project, which La Sapienza University has also found in Le Sirene, our technological and emotional fountains with refined design, which were chosen to contribute to the international competition by adding an aesthetic element to the project, but still respecting its fundamental values
Once in Dubai, the construction of Restart4Smart at the Solar Park Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will start from 29 October to 12 November. While the Team Sapienza will take care in this phase of the house, a group of our technicians will prepare Flora, interfacing it with the home automation system, in view of the opening to the public of the competition from November 14th to 28th.

11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-2-1024x683 11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-3-682x1024

In these days before the competition, the Team Sapienza is engaged in two important events.
The first is a conference that will take place on October 10th in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Architecture in the presence among others of Lorenzo Fioramonti, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of University and Research, Eugenio Gaudio, Rector of La Sapienza University and by Anna Maria Giovenale, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. The topic of the day will be the presentation and dissemination of Innovative Environmental Energy Technologies developed by the Italian Research System.

11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-5-1024x683 11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-7-1024x683
From October 12th to 14th the Team Sapienza will be at the Maker Faire in Rome, the world’s largest event dedicated to innovation, technology and sustainability, which will take place at the Fiera di Roma, with exhibitors from the world of design, of electronics, digital craftsmanship, drones and sustainable energy. This event was born to give voice to hundreds of ideas and projects from all over the world, which are able to take visitors into the future.
This is a great opportunity to present Restart4Smart to the public through the project and the model of the house, the videos and the materials realised in these recent months and the technological components used, before the final commitment to Dubai.


11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-14-1024x683 11102018-fda-restart4smart-makerfaire-11-1024x683
Forme d’Acqua will reach Dubai in view of the opening of the competition, ready to cheer Team Sapienza.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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