Setting off on a new adventure: BeSpace Day here we come!

Setting off on a new adventure: BeSpace Day here we come!

Between new construction sites and inauguration of finalized projects, we stack up miles and miles between Italy and abroad that we don’t even notice. Thursday September 17th will be the turn of Lugano- Switzerland, where we will attend to the BeSpace Day, the special networking event dedicated to companies and leading professional in the construction world. It will be held at the BeSpace headquarters in Lugano Paradiso, where the project partners exhibit their products and the creation of new synergies is encouraged to generate a different way of doing business, more smart and dynamic.

Before that Covid-19 stopped the world and threw out most of the comfort zones, for the team of Forme d’Acqua it was normal to participate in events, networking events and fairs. The comparison always gave us new ideas to improve ourselves and to find innovative solutions to amaze clients. Those months of stalemate gave us even more awareness of how important it was to participate in fairs and events and have a direct relationship with customers, suppliers and new partners. Now we are starting again to take part to the events, with all the necessary precautions, loads more than ever we get involved and show ourselves for what we are: water craftsmen.


With BeSpace we reaffirm our positioning in Switzerland: it is not a new territory for us, we have already worked and currently have projects underway, but to be present in BeSpace with our history and two tailor-made fountains (“Aegea” from Le Sirene and “Colonna” from the Linea Solidi), symbol of the made in Italy quality, it allows us to open up more easily to new opportunities.

Now all that remains is to wait for Thursday and cross the Italian border, to bring our knowledge to BeSpace Day. to know companies and professionals, among the best in the building envelope, to return to the comparison and rediscovery of new ways of doing business.


Susanna Dei Rossi

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