Light Blowing, new light to glass

Light Blowing, new light to glass

Light Blowing is the name of the exposition held in Murano from September 10th  to November 12th 2017, at Murano Gallery LUab.

This exhibition, curated by Samantha Punis and Ilaria Ruggiero, focuses on Light and Glass and has been able to connect ancient and modern in a very spontaneous way, creating a captivating atmosphere. In the halls, glass is the main character, occupying the scene with its modern, sophisticated and bold lines, telling the new glimpse of the world of lighting.

In the exhibition path, the lights of the works alternate with the burning kilns of the active furnace, where the ancient fire has been burning for centuries this material full of history and tradition.


This coexistence between ancient and modern seem to emphasize the rebirth of this material, as fragile as everlasting. As if it had been originated for the second time: shaped in furnace with antique techniques and with primordial lights of fire, now it comes back to life thanks to a new and contemporary language and the overwhelming strength of design.

Walking between exposed brickworks and vertical gardens, you will find works by leading international artists, designers and architects, as well as small brands that have been fascinated by the magnificence of glass.

In ever work, the aesthetic research overreaches the world of light, enlarging the boundaries of creativity, though maintaining a meticulous attention to the craftsmanship in glass processing.


The exposition is set up at Murano Galley LUab, a new and refined space dedicated to Murano glass, realized by the convergence between the New Murano Gallery and the creative mind of Master Fabio Fornasier, aiming to be a real showcase in local production and design as well as hosting a sophisticated collection of contemporary art.
The exhibition will be open to the public until Sunday, November 12: Do not miss this exciting show!

Susanna Dei Rossi

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