Interview with Architect and interior designer Jacques Garcia

Interview with Architect and interior designer Jacques Garcia

Friday July 31st 2020 Forme d’Acqua was in Cannes for the Annex Beach restaurant inauguration, reopened following an important restyling signed by Jacques Garcia, Architect and interior designer which has designed the interiors of the most luxurious Hotel, the Costes and the Ritz in Paris, the in Monte Carlo, the Victor in Miami and the Mamounia in Marrakech.

Garcia gave us an interview, in which he talks about his impressions on the project designed for Annex Beach.



Which was the vision, the initial dream that led you to create the project concept?

In my youth, when I was 18, I came here in Cannes with my grandmother and I felt in love with the luxury, the parties, the beauty and the elegance of this place. When I was asked to design the restyling of this restaurant, I wanted to maintain the ideal of the dream of an unreal Grotto: you can understand me, you are Italian and the most beautiful Grottoes are in Italy. The relation between the Grotto and the sea evokes the ideal of a wonderful Grotto, covered by gemstones, while the relation with the water generates an incomparable bond with the party.




Now that you are inside the restaurant, what do you feel first from design point of you and then the emotions one?

So over, feel the same from the design point of view and from the one of the emotions. I think that, especially in recent times, the design has supported the evolution of forms. On the other hand, sometimes emotions bring together the arts. After all, what is life? It is a meeting, because living alone is a nightmare! Therefore, the design, if it is well used in the space and in the public establishments, promotes the birth of wonderful encounters.



In which way the inclusion of water in this project affects the visitor’s emotions?

Water is an element that I love… We are born from the earth, we are born from the air, we are born from the fire and we are born from the water, but it’s the relation between these elements to make it extraordinary. In this project, in fact, I inserted all the elements of the nature. Then, even if water plays a fundamental role, to make everything magical is to having created a relationship between them.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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