Interview with the architect Chiara Berselli

Cantina VentiVenti between interior spaces, vines and water featureses
Interview with the architect Chiara Berselli

Ventiventi winery construction works finally ended and we can admire  this beautiful project, which bears the signature of the Zaccarelli architecture studio in Mirandola (MO). Behind each project there are hours and hours of study, tests and research, invested to give that touch of originality and personalization that make the design unique. 

We had the opportunity to interview the architect Chiara Berselli, who oversaw the project and construction supervision. 


1 – What are the driving forces that contributed to the definition of the cellar that we now admire? 

There are many, all aimed at the search for the internal-external union: the intent was to create a modern environment, which was immersed in nature and where the vines were also visible from the inside. This has been made possible designing large windows, through which the inside and the outside come together and create a single flow. The aim was to create an ambience where people can come and relax by immersing themselves in the countryside, and where the elements of nature, such as wood and water, were the protagonists of the environments dedicated to the tasting of the winery’s wine production.  

2 – Which benefit the water games bring to the project? 

A game of water creates that sensation of movement that makes the element perceive as alive: the pool as it was built does not seem to have boundaries, the movement of the fountains creates life, dynamism. The sensation that generates is the same as when the water is rippled by the wind. 


3 – How much does the water element influence in achieving the sense of well-being given by a building? 

Water allows you to reach that feeling of relaxation and peace through a perception of light-heartedness and decontextualization. This is thanks to its lightness from the flow of water from the foaming agents or from the jets of the Rain Wall: these natural sounds create a union between man and nature, increasing the feeling of serenity. 

4 – How do you imagine the future of corporate spaces, especially those that involve a high rate of sociality? 

Corporate spaces should increasingly become those places that allow you to “mentally disconnect” and “regenerate” even for just half an hour, so I believe that water and greenery should surround and interact with corporate environments, as part of it. 


Susanna Dei Rossi

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