Glass, water and technology:

Le Sirene on display at the first Venice Glass Week
Glass, water and technology:

There is not much more than two weeks at The Venice Glass Week, the first international festival entirely dedicated to glass art.

And it could only be organized in Venice, to enhance and promote one of the most important artistic and creative activities of the lagoon city that will become the world center of art glass for a whole week.

Over 140 events including exhibitions, conferences, open furnaces, debates, educational activities and many other initiatives will involve the city and 100 organizations that will open their spaces to all those enthusiasts of this art which has more than a thousand years of history and, thanks to the creativity of designers and artists and the exceptional skills of the glassmasters, it is a unique and extraordinary wealth.


Forme d’Acqua has joined this initiative with enthusiasm.

Because our business has deep and precise roots in the territory we come from, Venice, which we love deeply, despite its contradictions.

Because we design and build our fountains in Venice, continuing the ancient artisan tradition that has made it known throughout the world for quality, beauty and originality.

Because we are passionate about Glass, that one of Murano, original and authentic, made according to the book, by masters and artisans who preserve and pass on a technical heritage with a millennial history and unique to the world.

Because we have created a collection of indoor fountains dedicated to Murano glass.


Le Sirene “were born” from the creativity and the love for glass of Simona M. Favrin, a talented architect and designer who has reinterpreted in an innovative way, the millennial history of this matter, adding to its rigid fragility, all the beauty and the combinations of the fluid state.

The vitreous panes, where the hypnotic water flows on silently, are made on the island of Murano, by a Master, Nicola Moretti, who has a family glass tradition dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century and he, by virtue of his profound technical knowledge, experiments and renews the language of Murano glass.

And on Murano Island indeed, the two Sirene of the glass line will be exhibited in the beautiful exhibition space Murano Gallery LUab, which has the launch exactly during the first Venice Glass Week.


Selene and Aurora are waiting for you on the island of Murano, from 10 to 17 September 2017.

We are waiting for you!

Susanna Dei Rossi

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