Gas Conference 2018 – Murano

For the first time, the most important event on the world of glass art is in Murano
Gas Conference 2018 – Murano

The Glass Art Society – GAS is the most important and prestigious organization for the promotion and diffusion of glass art, founded during the ’70s in Seattle USA and with numerous partners all over the world.
Every year GAS organizes a meeting for its members: artists, collectors, lovers of artistic glass. It is the so-called GAS Conference, a three-day event dedicated to demonstrations of glass working by important artists, conferences, seminars and various activities.
This event takes place every year in a different location, always a popular destination for the production or processing of artistic glass, quite often in the United States, very rarely in Europe and never in Italy. The 2018 edition will be remembered for a long time for a very special reason: for the first time it will take place f in Murano, the glass island par excellence, the place from where the modern concept of artistic glass was born and then it has developed through the centuries.




It all started here, and the homage to the Island of Murano is evident starting from the title given to the initiative “Il Percorso del Vetro” – The Glass Path, to reflect on what has been made in the last one thousand years of history, with this material so close to the art, with an obvious towards the future.
For three days and three nights, artists, master glassmakers, collectors, museums and foundations experts, students, glass lovers or simple curious people, will participate to demonstrations, debates and round tables to meet and discuss on artistic glass.




An unique event and an opportunity not to be missed, for artistic Murano glass lovers, such as Forme d’Acqua is

We wish this event, and especially to our friends in Murano who work with us so often, a great success!

Susanna Dei Rossi

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