Furnishing with water: Indoor fountains

Furnishing with water: Indoor fountains

Have you ever thought about water as a piece of furniture?

More and more frequently architects and interior designers use indoor fountains, water walls and even small waterfalls as furnishing accessories for houses or apartments, hotels, SPA or common areas such as shopping centers, hospitals, shops, banks.
The contemporary indoor fountain is a real work of design, simple and refined, able to fit into the most various architectural contexts and equipped with the latest technologies that make them easy to use.
Functional solutions and careful planning make to create projects of great effect possible, even in small spaces and with different budgets.


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Indoor fountains are able to amaze and give that extra touch to the place where they are. The sensations that an indoor fountain can give us are visual, sensory and environmental.

An element with a high aesthetic value but also with practical functions, often used for example as a dividing wall between two parts of the same room, visible on both sides.

Here is an example: Selene, an indoor fountain from the Le Sirene collection by Forme d’Acqua was chosen by Zanutta France and is exhibited in their Paris showroom on Rue de Bourgogne.
The atelier space of retailer and contractor for the design of interior spaces, wanted to create a partnership to be able to exhibit a Made in Italy example of indoor fountain that could be inspiration and incitement for the creativity of designers from all around the world.

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Flowing water is not only beautiful, it also creates a benefit from a physical and environmental point of view.

The fountain contributes to the thermo-hydrometric regulation of an environment, giving humidity in a too dry space or holding it in an excessively moist one and contributing, with its slight displacement of air, to the removal of atmospheric dust particles.

Indoor fountains are made of precious and very resistant materials and contain in little space all the features common to an outdoor fountain, such as the filtration system, essential to keep the water clean and odor-free.

The flowing water provides natural images of rivers, streams and waterfalls and creates pleasant sensations of well-being and tranquility, moreover the lighting, colored with LED lights, emphasizes and amplifies the movement of the water giving it a unique appearance.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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