Unions of Ground and Water: our contribution to FuoriSalone 2022

Unions of Ground and Water: our contribution to FuoriSalone 2022

Fuorisalone – Milan Design Week 2022 will always be for us the edition in which we project and create an installation in the magical setting of the cloisters of San Barnaba.

“Unions of Ground and Water” was born from the creativity of Simona M. Favrin Design Studio who together with Forme d’Acqua and partners E-gardening  and Tiffany Eventi, redesigned the scenography of the cloister of the Statues enriching it with the installation of the artistic fountain removable Rhythmus H20, surrounded by a flowery meadow of Delosperma cooperi.

unione_editDuring the day and  evening, water features accompanied the life of the cloister with the sound of the flowing water; in the hours of sunshine the open flowers colored the room with carmine pink while in the evening the lights of the artistic fountain illuminated and filled with the sea water reflections of the Murano glass decorations made by master Nicola Moretti.

Two flowerbeds of Delosperma cooperi, posed under the cloister’s threes, host Murano glass butterflies made by master Nicola Moretti, positioned to remind us of the value of this plant loved by pollinating insects. The Delosperma ground cover provided by Nord Est Prati is recyclable as well as the other components of the installation; the water was reused for plant irrigation.

F6For the Fuorisalone kermesse our partner Tiffany Eventi developed the theme of water in the adjacent cloister with an immersion in the world of underwater weddings that were presented to the press and guests, along with a vegan aperitif and a chat with friends, in the relaxed ambience of the cloisters. Participants experienced slowness, a relaxed time transmitted by the location and the flow of water, a moment of communion and stasis that serves to gather ideas and start over. A moment that enhances the simple act of being together.

The day after we visited Brera district, lost in the maze of showrooms and installations dragged by the enthusiasm for the new: colors, concepts, uses, materials and innovative techniques. A multitude of people on the move in search of inspiration and latest trends. The quiet in the cloisters of San Barnaba is far from the frenzy of the Brera district and we are happy to have been part of Fuori Salone in our own way, recreating an oasis of well-being and relaxation in the heart of the metropolis.


Our wish is to be present at the next edition of the Milan Design Week – Fuori Salone with the same collaborative and relaxed spirit and to go back home again with the enthusiasm to convey in everything we do.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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