Forme d’Acqua on his way to the Adriatic Riviera!

Forme d’Acqua on his way to the Adriatic Riviera!

Even if the destination is one of the most renowned seaside cities of Europe, we are not talking about holidays, but about the inauguration of a brand new fountain! It’s all ready now and in the navigator Piazzale Cesare Battisti of Rimini is set as the arrival point.

This is a dynamic dry fountain, which completes and enriches the redevelopment project of the new square in front of the railway station: from Monday all the people who will reach Rimini by train will be welcome by the vitality of our water and light games.


This important project concerns the urban transformation of the whole public area in front of the hub, with the realization of “environmental islands” and complementary works of urban furniture, integrated with new cyclo-pedestrian connections. The Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the Municipality of Rimini, RFI, FS Sistemi Urbani S.r.l. and Emilia Romagna Region; the whole project has been sponsored by RFI, which commissioned the company Fadep s.r.l. to perform construction works. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, with the precious collaboration of the architects Silvia Maria Ripa and Felipe Lozano of Studio Via Ingegneria in Rome, designed the fountain, which was inserted harmoniously into the context and made as a spectacular business card for travellers leaving the station.

Monday September 7th we will participate to the press conference about the inauguration of this project, proud and happy to had given a huge contribute to the redevelopment of an important and strategic area of the city of Rimini.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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