Forme d’Acqua at the Jaguar Land Rover Summer Lounge

Forme d’Acqua at the Jaguar Land Rover Summer Lounge

Also this year in Porto Cervo the appointment with the Waterfront Costa Smeralda is renewed, a reference point that will host the most important brands in the world of luxury throughout the summer and will entertain guests with special moments.

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Many international brands are there, among them Bentlely, Dolce & Gabbana, Riva, Mastercard, but above all Jaguar Land Rover with an area created to amaze and entertain.

Jaguar Land Rover wanted to reserve an exclusive space to Le Sirene di Forme d’Acqua, the collection of indoor fountains in precious marble stones and Murano glass, designed by Simona M. Favrin

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Aegea, the fountain chosen, is made from a shell in AISI316 stainless steel and a sliding surface in precious amazonite, a marble with particular shades of color from South America.

The Sirens are characterized by a high technology, they can be managed and programmed directly from smartphones, they are equipped with a RGBW LED lighting system and a HI-FI system connected via bluetooth or WI-FI, where you can listen to your favorite music .

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Waterfront Costa Smeralda is a space dedicated to luxury, halfway between shopping and entertainment, where you can spend time for a pleasant walk along the small harbor of Porto Cervo. Designed by the architect Giò Pagani, the project develops along the pier of the Old Port, on the area that borders the mooring of the yachts.

The Jaguar Land Rover Summer Lounge was inaugurated on 6 July and will be open every day from 10.00 to 01.00.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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