Expo Dubai 2020: immersion in a new possible future

The universal exhibition among new scenarios, innovation, design and environmental sustainability
Expo Dubai 2020: immersion in a new possible future

The universal exhibition among new scenarios, innovation, design and environmental sustainability

The Dubai Expo 2020 has come to an end, the gates of the international event par excellence closed on March 31, 2022. A delegation of Forme d’Acqua participated in the international event before the end, taking home a lot of ideas and stimuli to be replicated in one’s own context of action.

Curiosity, enthusiasm for everything that is innovation, interest in every form of beauty and the need to study eco-sustainable and efficient solutions find more than fertile ground at Expo 2020. The stimuli are many and it is difficult to condense the variety of seen and experiences in the pavilions and in the events in a synthetic way.

However, two terms distinguish it: amazement and possibility. Amazement because you see and experience the unprecedented, the beautiful, the future whether it is an installation, a new material, a smell, a successful storytelling, an unknown cuisine, a new cutting-edge technology. Possibility because perhaps the most important side of the Expo is the goal of circulating and connecting new ideas that improve the world.

In this sense we observe – and touch and smell, because all the senses are stimulated in the Expo pavilions – as much as the natural world, with our particular focus on water and plants, is a central focus in new ways of conceiving architecture and design and how eco-tech is making great strides. Sustainability permeates almost all areas; the theme of natural protection becomes relational and interconnected: on the one hand technology at the service of the environment and on the other the environment itself which offers material and ideas for creating new green solutions, in a continuous virtuous circle.

Some pavilions did not manage to effectively take up the challenge represented by sustainability, we noticed some gaps between a strong message and the means chosen to communicate it, others were excelled in merging the arts and conveying their thoughts in a simple and strong way.

The effectiveness of the fusion of techniques, methods, arts and crafts is of great inspiration for us and reflects our way of working. The company itself is made up of different brands that work across the board, interact, collaborate in a continuous exchange of ideas and solutions. Our way of making fountains also reflects this modus operandi: mep design and craftsmanship are integrated into our creations because we strongly believe that collaboration generates poetry.

Water was one of the great protagonists of the Expo: we talk about water, the lack of drinking water and how it has to be preserved, but also about the overabundance of water compared to frequent meteorological phenomena that create damage and floods. But in Dubai it is also transformed into a game element, to be touched, to interact with, a resource capable of interacting with multimedia too: think of the imposing Surreal flashwall that combines water, music and lights in a breathtaking spectacle.

We will talk about the fountains at the Dubai Expo and how water declines in the field of design and beyond in a future article.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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