Controcorrente at the Bauer Hotel – Venice

Controcorrente at the Bauer Hotel – Venice

After the great success at the last edition of The Venice Glass Week, the prestigious Hotel Bauer in Venice is exhibiting Controcorrente, the work created by Forme d’Acqua in collaboration with the Murano glass master Nicola Moretti.

The idea of this work was conceived by ​Simona M. Favrin, architect and designer who has worked with Forme d’Acqua for many years and wanted to combine the water flowing with a current material in our projects, Murano Glass.

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Controcorrente was presented at the Bugno Art Gallery for the exhibition Murano Glass Beyond the Barricades. On this occasion 13 Murano glass artists gave a positive connotation of high artistic value to an object of common use in our cities, the reinforced concrete barriers (called New Jersey), which in recent years have assumed the role of anti-terrorism bollards, transforming them into glass art works.

In Controcorrente colourful Murano glass fishes swim against the stream, in a tenacious fight against gravity: a tribute to resilience and not to give up to adversity.

These glass sculptures have been created by glass master Nicola Moretti, heir of one of the most important and historic families of the Murano tradition, who uses the traditional glass working techniques, seen in a contemporary and experimental key.

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The work is exhibited in the main hall of the Hotel Bauer in Venice, in Campo San Moisè, a few steps from Piazza San Marco, one of the most historic and important hotels in the city.

A project greeted with enthusiasm by Francesca Bortolotto Possati, President and CEO of the hotel: “I was fascinated by this work, by its meaning and above all by the pleasant sensation it creates through the flow of water. Water is the fundamental element of Venice, it is a sound and a melody that has always been the background of our lives.

This collaboration with Forme d’Acqua is an example of how the Hotel Bauer prides itself on hosting not only artists, but also their ideas, intuitions and the works they create”.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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