BUILD MADE IN VENETO June 26-30, 2017

BUILD MADE IN VENETO June 26-30, 2017

Forme d’Acqua participates in the most expected venue of Venetian SMEs: Build Made in Veneto, B2B where international demand for construction, furniture and fashion meets local businesses.

Buyers from Russia, China, Vietnam, Australia, USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Czech Republic have selected in recent months the companies to establish a collaboration with or place orders, according to a system of matching between supply and demand.


The 25 foreign buyers, general contractors, prestigious construction companies, dealers and retailers have met Forme d’Acqua, seen and touched Elettra, the Spiritual Siren, made with a Sodalite slab with Touches of deep blue approach the precious sodalite to the supernatural beauty of the sea abysses. As beautiful as rare.

As often happens to such events, we are the only company specializing in the construction of indoor and outdoor fountains. Architects and general contractors, exchanging views with us about the design of water installations, get also brief consulting, adding to their aesthetic purpose advice on how to reduce water consumption and treat water to keep it crystalline and free from limestone.


The designers and interior architects tell us that they often design waterwalls or decorative fountains, and after just a few months of activity, they stop working, with huge waste of economic investment and frustration for the designer.

Forme d’Acqua daily builds a trusted relationship with customers and partners, working multiple times for the same buyer and maintening fountains made by us or by other companies, putting them safely or implementing hydraulic and electric systems. We prefer to work in partnership with local labor, offering durable and easy-to- manage turnkey products.

The choice of using noble materials such as Murano artistic glass for our luxury fountains impressed the foreign counterparts, who are looking for Made in Italy and the originality of unique products for their customers.


Foreign showrooms are more concerned with the artistic fountain as an exclusive piece of furniture.

Great appreciations have also come from the Asian guests for the Le Sirene collection, where natural stones, or colored glass surfaces, along with the flow of water combine perfectly with the tradition of Feng Shui, according to which the fountain brings prosperity and wealth.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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